SLAC for Staff

Here you will find a list of links most frequently visited by SLAC employees. Please note that most of these links are on the SLAC intranet and authentication is required for access. For a more extensive list of useful links for SLAC employees, please visit the staff resources page.

Essential Links

SLAC Today (Intranet Home Page)

The SLAC Today website is designed as a home page for SLAC employees and staff and requires authentication to access. SLAC Today is a gateway to the SLAC intranet where you can find employee news and announcements, the SLAC events calendar, flea marketstaff resources page and more.


It's About Time (iAT) / Electronic Timesheets

It's About Time (iAT) is the enterprise online time and effort tracking system for SLAC. 


Property Control

Here you can find links to property search, property transfer and the property control salvage warehouse.


Procurement Department / Purchasing / Supply Chain Management

Website of SLAC's Procurement Department. Here you will find links to the eShipper, PCard related forms and information, shipping/receiving info etc. Note that the BIS (Business Information System) page has been retired so please update your bookmarks accordingly.


Travel Reimbursement Office

SLAC is funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, therefore all reimbursement for travel must adhere to both DOE and Stanford University policies and guidelines. You can find all travel related info (both domestic and foreign), including links to travel guidelines, conference info & approval and travel-related forms on this website.