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Update on Air Quality

Stanford is continuing to monitor local air quality as a result of the tragic North Bay wildfires this week.

Local air quality is expected to continue to vary based on meteorological conditions. The current Bay Area Air Quality Management District forecast suggests improved air quality tomorrow and through the weekend, but the situation is changeable.

Everyone in the campus community is encouraged to take common-sense steps to provide for their health, including drinking plenty of water and limiting strenuous outdoor activity when smoke is present. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advise that older adults, children, and those with respiratory or cardiac conditions can be particularly vulnerable to the effects of poor air quality and should limit exposure to outdoor air.

Stanford students with pre-existing respiratory or cardiac conditions should check with Vaden Health Center if they experience any distress symptoms. Children in day care centers should have minimal outdoor activity during this period, and parents of children with pre-existing respiratory or cardiac conditions should follow the advice of their health care providers about the prevention and treatment of symptoms.

For Stanford employees, if you are unable to come to work or have concerns about your individual situation, please speak with your supervisor or human resources representative. While university operations are continuing, supervisors should provide flexibility, including alternate work arrangements or leave time if necessary, to support the health of employees. For personnel working indoors, remain indoors as much as possible during the work day. Personnel with outdoor work assignments should limit severe exertion and take more frequent breaks – indoors, if possible. Anyone experiencing health issues related to air quality should notify their supervisor or contact the Stanford EH&S Occupational Health Center.

This weekend’s Reunion Homecoming activities are proceeding. As with the campus community as a whole, Reunion Homecoming guests will be encouraged to take precautionary measures if they have health conditions that make them particularly vulnerable to smoky air.

Stanford Athletics is actively monitoring the Air Quality Index and is prepared to take the appropriate steps to protect student-athletes and fans, in accordance with Pac-12 and NCAA guidelines. At this time, all athletics competitions this weekend are expected to be played as originally scheduled. Stanford Athletics continues to evaluate the situation and will provide updates on this web page:

The university has received some questions about the use of masks. The university is not distributing masks generally for wildfire smoke abatement. Anyone with a health condition that may be exacerbated by smoke exposure should consult with their medical care provider for advice.

Further updates will be provided at, and more information about the university’s response to the North Bay fires is available at

Our thoughts continue to be with the many thousands of people in the North Bay who have been most directly impacted by these fires.

Additional resources:

For more information on Bay Area air quality levels, visit the Bay Area Air Quality Management District website:

For more information on reducing the health effects of wildfire smoke, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website at

The Stanford EH&S Occupational Health Center website is

Employee and Labor Relations may be contacted at

Stanford and the North Bay Fires

Additional information about Stanford’s response to this week’s devastating fires in the North Bay is available at

Further updates will be provided on this website.

Wildfire Smoke

Smoke from this week’s devastating North Bay fires has been increasing today in the Bay Area, including around the Stanford campus.

As of early afternoon, the nearest official air monitoring station, in Redwood City, measured an Air Quality Index reading of 160 for particle pollution. This placed local air quality as measured by particle pollution in the “unhealthy” category, which is designated for Air Quality Index readings between 151 and 200. However, the Air Quality Index reading for ozone stood at 19, which is within the “good” range of 0 to 50.

The public health recommendations for “unhealthy” particle pollution category levels include:

For pulmonary-sensitive groups: Avoid prolonged or heavy exertion. Move activities indoors or reschedule to a time when the air quality is better.

All others: Reduce prolonged or heavy exertion. Take more breaks during all outdoor activities.

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District has issued a health advisory for the Bay Area, warning that “due to active wildfires and changing wind patterns, air quality could be impacted for many days to come. Outside of the active fire areas, air quality will be variable and unpredictable. Air quality may improve at times or get worse, very quickly.”

Please take care of your personal health, and that of your family, during this period. The Bay Area Air Quality Management District also is asking Bay Area residents to curtail activities that create additional air pollution, such as driving, wood burning, lawn mowing, leaf blowing and barbecuing.

Additional resources are available here:

Bay Area Air Quality Management District:

Explanation of Air Quality Index readings and health impacts:

Public Safety Phone Outage Update

The IT Department has resolved our phone issue. Phones should be working properly again. Thank you for your patience.

Public Safety Phone Outage

Stanford Department of Public Safety is experiencing intermittent phone outages. If you have an emergency, please dial 9-1-1; from a University phone, dial 9-9-1-1.

For non-emergency inquiries, please call our regular business line at 650-723-9633, leave a message with your name, phone number and brief message. Though our phone lines are down, we are still capable of receiving voicemail and will return your call as soon as possible. 

Thank you.

Gas line break resolved

The gas line break on Serra St has been repaired. Galvez St and Serra St are now open to all traffic.

Gas Line Break Update

PG&E is on scene to repair a gas line break on Galvez St. between Serra St. and Campus Drive. The gas has been turned off and PG&E is working on repairs. Time of repairs is estimated to be approximately 5-6 hours. Continue to stay away from the area and use alternate routes. Refer to for additional updates.

Gas line break on Galvez St. Avoid area

There is a reported gas line break. Galvez Street is closed between Campus Drive and Serra Street. Serra Street is closed between Galvez Street and Campus Drive. Please stay away from the area. Updates when available at

Suspicious Circumstance — Possible Handgun

This morning at approximately 8:30am, Stanford police were advised of a man sitting in a van in the Maples parking lot who appeared to be loading a magazine into what the witness thought was a handgun. Police responded to the area immediately and were unable to locate anyone matching the description of the person or the associated vehicle.

The reporting party described the person with the possible weapon as an adult male, unknown race, wearing a beige beanie hat. The person was sitting in a white service type van that had blue lettering on it. The word “People” might have been the word in blue print on the van.

The Stanford Department of Public Safety asks the community to report suspicious and criminal activity to the police as soon as possible. Anyone with information regarding this incident should contact the Stanford Police at 650-329-2413.

At this time, the police are not suggesting that people shelter in place.

Siren Malfunction Update

Stanford DPS has been working with the vendors to identify the cause of Tuesday morning’s unintentional activation of the university’s outdoor warning system. Although not the conclusive cause of the activation, it appears there was a system malfunction after a software update that took place at 3am, which resulted in a system reboot. DPS is working with the vendor to ensure the situation will not repeat before we reactivate the siren system. Moving forward, we intend to set controls so that software updates will take place during typical waking hours. Additionally, the vendor will be examining the tower located on Stanford Ave to determine if there is anything about this specific tower that caused it to continue to activate even after the alarms had been cleared in the system.


Accidental outdoor siren activation on October 18

Dear Stanford Community Member,

This morning, Stanford’s outdoor emergency warning system malfunctioned, resulting in an activation of the entire siren system around 3:10am. We were able to deactivate the system; however, the tower on Stanford Ave continued to malfunction. We immediately began working with technicians to remedy the problem. Unfortunately, it has taken several hours to diagnose and resolve the malfunction.

I want to extend my sincere apologies for the inconvenience. We are investigating what caused the malfunction and will take steps to avoid future disruptions.

Updates will be posted on this website when available.

If you have questions, you may contact the Stanford Department of Public Safety at or 650-723-9633.


Laura Wilson
Chief of Police, Stanford

Annual campus-wide AlertSU test takes place October 13 at noon

On Thursday, October 13, between noon-12:30 pm, Stanford University will conduct its annual test of the campus AlertSU system. Alert messages will be sent via text message and email to the Stanford community.

Also being tested is a new enhancement to the AlertSU system via Cisco VoIP speaker phones. VoIP speaker phones are found in many of the academic and office buildings throughout campus. If you have a Cisco phone in your area, the AlertSU message will broadcast from the speaker phone and a banner message will appear in the display.

The test will also include activation of the outdoor warning system, which will sound an audible tone for approximately 60 seconds followed by a verbal message from each of the 7 sirens at various campus locations. The sirens will be audible throughout the campus and may also be heard in parts of the surrounding communities including Palo Alto, Menlo Park and Los Altos.

There will be a link to a short survey as part of the test email message. Please take a few moments to complete the survey as your feedback will help us evaluate the effectiveness of the AlertSU system.

Prior to the test, it is important you verify that your contact information is correct. Students can update their contact information in Axess, and staff & faculty can update their information in StanfordYou. Make sure that there is an entry in the mobile phone field as this is the most rapid and direct way of communicating with you during an emergency.

Campus IT issues resolved

University IT has corrected the issues that caused connectivity and authentication issues on Friday afternoon and evening. All systems and services should be operating normally. If you have any continuing problems, please sumbit a HelpSU request or call 650.725.HELP.

Constanzo Street remains closed Tuesday morning

The downed power line reported 5/2/16 was repaired by PG&E. However, a portion of Constanzo Street, between Campus Dr East and Santa Ynez Street behind the Kairos and Grove houses, remains closed due to other downed AT&T lines blocking the road. An AT&T crew is expected to be on scene after 8am, Tuesday morning, 5/3/16 to repair the lines. The road should reopen after those repairs are completed.

Road closure on Constanzo between Campus Drive East and Santa Ynez

Constanzo Street between Campus Drive East & Santa Ynez Street has been closed to pedestrian and vehicle travel due to downed power lines.

PG&E is en route to the area with a special repair team and is expected to arrive by 4:30 p.m.  The repair is estimated to take approximately 4 hours once the PG&E team is at the scene.  Power outages  at nearby residences are possible, but not certain at this point.

Please avoid the area and plan alternative routes.

About this site

If there were a disaster or emergency affecting the Stanford community, you would be able to obtain updates and important instructions through this website.

Community Alert: Road closure (3/24/16)

ROAD CLOSURE: 3/24/16 3:45pm Junipero Serra closed between Campus Dr. West and Alpine due to traffic collision. Plan alternate route.

Power restored in most campus locations

Power is reported to have been restored in most campus buildings affected by the outage this afternoon. The outage was triggered by deconstruction work occurring at the site of the former Cardinal Cogeneration Plant. Crews continue working to restore power to all buildings affected by the outage.

Update on power outage, small Maples fire

A power outage affecting a number of campus buildings was triggered at approximately 1:45 pm today as a result of deconstruction work occurring at the former site of the Cardinal Cogeneration Plant. Crews are currently working to restore power to campus buildings.

Current estimates are that power should be restored beginning at 6 p.m., though this is subject to change.

The LBRE Operations Center is in communication with building managers about the power outage. Local building managers will be working to determine operational plans for the remainder of the day in each location.

The power outage was reported to have triggered a small fire just after 2 p.m. on the roof of Maples Pavilion. Emergency lights on the southeast corner of the roof of the building are reported to have ignited some roofing materials. Palo Alto and Mountain View fire units responded and quickly extinguished the fire. The building was evacuated during the incident and no injuries were reported. Maples Pavilion remains closed at this time but traffic has reopened in the area.

Below is a list of campus facilities currently affected by the power outage:

  • Knight Management Center
  • McMurtry Building
  • Anderson Collection
  • Cantor Art Museum
  • Green Library East Wing
  • Lou Henry Hoover Building
  • Herbert Hoover Memorial Building
  • Alumni Center
  • Littlefield Center
  • Frost Amphitheater
  • Bing Concert Hall
  • Maples Pavilion
  • Arrillaga Sports Center
  • Avery Aquatic Center
  • Taube Tennis Stadium
  • Varsity Tennis Courts
  • Burnham Pavilion
  • Taube Tennis South
  • Angell Field South
  • Angell Field North
  • Sunken Diamond Lights
  • Arrillaga Gym and Weight Room
  • Lathrop Library

Fire reported out at Maples Pavilion

The fire at Maples Pavilion is out and crews are working to clear the scene. Please continue to stay away from the area.

Further update on Maples Pavilion

No flames or smoke are visible outside Maples Pavilion. Fire units continue their response. The building is evacuated and no injuries are reported at this time. Please continue to stay away from the area. Additional updates will be posted to this site when available.

Fire crews responding to reports of a fire in the northeast section of Maples Pavilion.
Fire crews respond to reports of a fire in the northeast section of Maples Pavilion.

Update on Maples Pavilion

Fire units are on scene at Maples Pavilion, responding to reports of a fire in the northeast section of the building. The building has been evacuated and no injuries are reported at this time. Campus Drive is closed between Bonair Siding and Sam McDonald Mall. Pedestrians should avoid all areas surronding Maples Pavilion until further notice.

Possible fire at Maples Pavilion

As of 2:15 pm, Monday, October 12, an incident, which may be a fire, has been reported at Maples Pavilion on Campus Drive between Galvez and Bonair Siding. People are asked to stay away from the area. This site will be updated when more information is available.

Test of campus AlertSU system on Thursday, October 8

Between noon and 1pm, Thursday, October 8th, Stanford University will conduct a test of the campus AlertSU mass notification system. Alert messages will be sent via text message and email to members of the Stanford Community; the test will also include activation of the outdoor warning system. The outdoor warning system will sound an alarm for approximately 60 seconds followed by a verbal message from each of the 7 sirens at various locations on the Stanford campus. The sirens will be audible throughout the campus and may also be heard in parts of the surrounding communities including Palo Alto, Menlo Park, and Los Altos.

All buildings reopened at Knight Management Center

All buildings have been reopened in the Knight Management Center complex.  Serra Street has opened to traffic, and the area has returned to normal operations after a bomb threat Friday morning.

Officers from both the Stanford Department of Public Safety and the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office have concluded their search of the facilities. Police have determined there is no threat and all buildings have been approved for occupancy. Police thank members of the campus community for their cooperation.

Please continue to be alert to your surroundings and to report any suspicious activity or packages to police.   Any persons with information about the bomb threat are urged to call the Stanford Department of Public Safety at 650-723-9633.

Update on evacuation of Knight Management Center

Officers from the Stanford Department of Public Safety and the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office have completed an initial sweep of half of the Graduate School of Business/Knight Management Center complex after a bomb threat earlier this morning.

The entire Knight Management Center complex will remain closed for the rest of today, Friday, Aug. 14, while police complete the remainder of their investigation. Affected employees have been dismissed for the day.

The area bound by Campus Drive, Arguello Way and Serra Street remains closed.  Continue to avoid the area. All other areas of the Stanford campus remain open and normal business operations continue.

Update on evacuation

Police are continuing their search of the Knight Management Center, which remains closed. The employees who are affected by the evacuation are receiving direction. Please continue to avoid the area.

The remainder of the university remains open and is operating normally.

Continue to check this website for updates.

Update on bomb threat, evacuation

Out of an abundance of caution, Stanford Public Safety has evacuated the Graduate School of Business/Knight Management Center complex while it investigates a bomb threat.

The evacuation boundary is between Campus Drive, Arguello Way and Serra Street. Serra Street and Arguello are closed, Campus Drive is open. Stay away from the area until further notice.

Police will be conducting a sweep of the area over the next 90 minutes to two hours. Employees are asked to wait for further instruction.

The incident has impacted about 700 faculty and staff members in the Knight Management complex, but has not disrupted classes, as no classes are in session at this time. The remainder of campus is operating as normal and all business activities are continuing.

Bomb threat at GSB

There has been a bomb threat at the Graduate School of Business / Knight Management Center. Out of an abundance of caution, the area has been evacuated while police search the area. Stay away from all areas around Arguello Way, Campus Drive, and Serra Mall.