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  1. .'s meet tomorrow will be a last hurrah for senior , who has already scored two 10s this season for her team and three during her career.

  2. Mar 9

    In a series of portraits and mini interviews, women who attended the 2018 WIDS conference reflect on their experiences in data science and the value of being part of a community of women.

  3. Mar 9

    Contrary to what we might intuitively think, professional certification requirements may actually detrimentally impact consumers.

  4. Mar 9

    New Bing Overseas Studies Program will open in Hong Kong in 2019, allowing students to explore professional opportunities and cultural experiences within and beyond the bustling city.

  5. Mar 9

    "There’s reluctance to study something without a clear path toward a job and supporting oneself. I remember that sense of uncertainty myself." - Heather Hadlock, Professor of Musicology

    Professor Heather Hadlock
Photo by Holly Hernandez
  6. Mar 9

    Gene Sykes, CEO of , shared these statistics about the success of Stanford athletes at the Olympics.

  7. Mar 9

    At today's Summit, addressed the news that President Trump plans to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un:

  8. Mar 9

    Follow us throughout the day for live updates from the Economic Summit, featuring discussions with , and Chair Kevin Hassett.

  9. Mar 8

    Instructors are 94 percent more likely to answer questions from white male students in online course forums, according to a new study by 's Thomas Dee:

  10. Mar 8

    Occupations that require licenses may actually hurt consumers. 's Jonathan Berk explains why.

  11. Mar 8

    Two of the first women to be hired on the tenure track for basic science faculty at share their story.

  12. Mar 8

    A new discovery could help physicists better understand the type of superconductors known as cuprates, says Robert Laughlin.

  13. Mar 8

    After arriving at Stanford, Jelani Munroe, '16, asked himself: What do you actually want to learn, and will it enable you to do some of the things you want to do later?

  14. Mar 8

    A new Bing Overseas Studies Program will open in Hong Kong in 2019.

  15. Mar 7

    "Frankenstein" is the first creation story to use scientific experimentation as its method, writes anesthesiologist .

  16. Mar 7

    ., '18, has already scored two 10s this season for and three during her career.

  17. Mar 7

    On , the Bowes Art & Architecture Library will host a Wikipedia edit-a-thon to add more women artists to the mix.

  18. Mar 7

    “It sounds like magic but the idea of non-line-of-sight imaging is actually feasible,” said 's Gordon Wetzstein.

  19. Mar 7

    A course on organic gardening and racial justice involves "transforming something that feels violent into something that is peaceful once again," says associate director A-lan Holt.

  20. Mar 7

    Since 1946, more than 600 emerging writers have come to Stanford as Stegner Fellows to "find their voices and finish their books."


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