Legal Resources

Any Stanford student who has a concern regarding their undocumented status can receive a free consultation from the Immigrants’ Rights Clinic of Stanford Law School. To get started, contact the Bechtel International Center at (650) 736-9511 or for a referral.

Community Legal Services in East Palo Alto, a frequent community partner with the Immigrants’ Rights Clinic, can provide a free consultation to other members of our community, such as those who have a concern for an undocumented family member (Stanford is legally obligated to employ only those who are authorized to work in the United States). The phone number to call to reach CLSEPA is (650) 326-6440.

Other local resources providing immigration services are available.

External links to “know your rights” information, while not a substitute for legal guidance, also are available for those with questions about their rights when contacted by immigration enforcement officials.

Additional external resources also are available on the website of the Immigrants’ Rights Clinic of Stanford Law School.