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Tariffs, free trade and politics

In a Q&A, Stanford Law Professor Alan Sykes discusses plans to impose new tariffs on imported steel and aluminum.

California contemplates expansion of offshore oil drilling

If federal plans move forward, most U.S. coastal waters would be open to offshore oil drilling. Stanford Professors Deborah Sivas and Alexandria Boehm look at related legal and marine issues from the perspective of the California coastline, which has been protected from new drilling since 1969.

Why Medicare and Social Security keep growing

While U.S. federal entitlement program expenditures are intricately woven into the fabric of American society, they have grown into a costly burden with a reach far beyond what was originally intended, Stanford scholar John Cogan says.

Stanford Law —

Running out of water: Cape Town, the U.S., and drought

Water law expert Buzz Thompson (who has spent time in South Africa including teaching “South African Water Policy” at the Stanford program in Cape Town in 2015, right as the drought was starting)  discusses our most important resource – water.

Stanford Law School —

Homeschooling, the law and state oversight

In a Q&A, law Professors Bill Koski and Michael Wald discuss state oversight of children in alternative schooling and how cases of child endangerment can be identified.