Michael A. Keller

University Librarian

Publisher of Stanford University Press

Michael A. Keller is the Ida M. Green University Librarian and Publisher of the Stanford University Press. These titles touch on his major professional preoccupations: commitment to support of research, teaching, and learning; effective deployment of information technology hand-in-hand with research resources; active involvement in the evolution and growth of scholarly communication. He may be best known for his distinctively entrepreneurial style of librarianship and leadership. As University Librarian, he champions deep collecting of distinctive library materials for research (rarities, manuscripts archival materials, unusual digital resources) concurrent with full engagement in emerging information technologies. Uniquely, Keller’s responsibilities at Stanford encompass libraries, cybraries, academic and residential computing, publishing and publishing services.  He is an elected lifetime Fellow of both the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.


  • B.A. Biology, Music, 1967, Hamilton College
  • M.A., Musicology, 1970, SUNY Buffalo
  • M.L.S., 1971, SUNY Geneseo

Selected Publications 

“The Future of University Presses and Other Institutional Publishers” by Michael A. Keller. Presentation at The Changing Landscape of Scholarly Communication in the Digital Age Symposium, February 11-13, 2009.

Mountain View: the Agreement among Google, Publishers, and Authors” by Michael A. Keller. College & Research Libraries Journal, vol. 70, no. 1, Guest Editorial. January 2009.

"Riding the wave: the role of IT innovation in higher education" in Education Quality Forum 2006; Campus Innovation 2006; edited by Reinhard Keil, Michael Kerres and Rolf Schulmeister. (Münster/New York/München/Berlin: Waxmann, 2007). pp. 33-44.

"Wie "DODLs", Digitalisierung und Repositorien neues Wissen förden können" in Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika  (Reihe 2 of Bibliotheken der Welt). Bad Honnef: Bock+Herchen, 2006, pp. 39-42.

"Google Book Search: indexing the contents of library books" in World Digital Library Initiatives -- its challenge and the goal. Kanazawa: Kanazawa Institute of Technology, 2006. pp.3-3-1 to 3-3-35 (Japanese version) and 3-4-1 to 3-4-26 (English version).

Attended and presented paper at Fiesole Collection Development Retreat in Lund, Sweden. Invited presentation: “Changing roles and expectations in the academy; a U.S. research university perspective.” 2-5 August 2006.

Digitization Symposium, University of Michigan: Invited paper: “Google Book Search; what Stanford intends.” 9-11 March 2006.

Hong Kong: Presented paper to a small colloquium of Pacific Rim universities on knowledge management and enterprises.  Invited paper: “Stanford Knowledge Management Enterprises in SULAIR.” 4 January 2006.

Beijing, China: Presented paper at the National Library of China in Beijing on digital library programs.  Invited paper: “Recent advances in digital librarianship.” 3 January 2006.

Edinburgh, Scotland: Invited paper at the Library of University of Edinburgh: “LOCKSS, the Stanford Digital Library, and other schemes addressing the digital archiving challenge.” 17 November 2005.

Kyoto, Japan: “Science and Technology in Society: Lights and Shadows – For a Sustainable Future”.  Invited paper: “Digital Archiving, a necessary aspect reflecting the influence and extent of use of information technology in advanced societies.” 12 September 2005.

Georgetown University: Spoke at symposium on scholarly communication. Invited paper for the Digital Lecture Hall series: “The Future of Books, Reading & Research.” 18 June 2005.

China Education and Research Conference: Invited paper: “Building, operating, and maintaining digital libraries.” 7-8 April 2005.

National Academy of Social Sciences of the Peoples Republic of China: Invited paper: “Mass digitization and its implications for libraries.” April 2005.

Economics of scientific and biomedical journals: Where do scholars stand in the debate of online journal pricing and site license ownership between libraries and publishers?” by Haekyung Jeon-Slaughter; Andrew C. Herkovic; and Michael A. Keller, First Monday, vol. 10, number 3. March 2005.

Orphan Works and Research Libraries and Archives: A letter to the U.S. Copyright Office.” 18 March 2005.

Digitizing Literatures: Bringing the Library to Where People Search for Information” report to Faculty Senate. 3 February 2005.

Gold at the End of the Digital Library Rainbow: Forecasting the Consequences of Truly Effective Digital Libraries.” 14 December 2004.

Commentary on NIH Notice on Enhanced Public Access to NIH Research Information.” November 2004.

Casting Forward; collection development after mass digitization.” The Fiesole Collection Development Retreat Series, European University Institute (EUI), Florence, Italy.  March 2004.

“Scattered Leaves: Reflections on Leadership.” December 2003.

What is a Library Anymore, Anyway?” by Michael A. Keller, Victoria A. Reich, and Andrew C. Herkovic, First Monday (Vol. 8, No. 5). May 2003.

The HighWire Press: A Study in Service to Scholarly Communication” by Michael A. Keller and Andrew C. Herkovic. Medizin Bibliothek Information, vol 2, nr. 3, pp.10-13. (Pub: Wien, Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Medizinisches Bibliothekswesen, ISSN 11616-9026). September 2002.

"The New World Order Redux: Revisiting Fiesole 1999.” March 2001.

Framing the Retreat: Thoughts on the New World Order in Collection Development.” March 1999.

Science, Scholarship, and Internet Publishing: The HighWire Story.” October 1998.

Returning Responsibility for Scholarly Communication to the Academy.” February 1998.

"Cybrarians -- The Information Professionals of the 21st-Century" by Michael A. Keller, May 1997.

"Business models, not economic models for research libraries in the transition to more digitized information resources" by Michael A. Keller, December 1996.

"Capitalizing on the Library Investment" by Michael A. Keller, April 1996.

"Reconstruction, Preservation and Innovation: Rebuilding Green Library and Incorporating Advances Instigated by the Commission on Technology in Teaching and Learning." Stanford San Jose Luncheon Club, San Jose, CA, 23 March 1995.

"Value Added: What is It? How do You Get It? How do you Sell It?" part of a panel presented to the Society for Scholarly Publishing, 16th Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA, 9, June 1994.

"Navigating the Global Information Sea: A View From the Farm," a talk presented to the Rocky Mountain Stanford Association in Englewood, Colorado, 5 June 1994.

"The Role of Subject Specialists in the Virtual Library," a paper presented to the University Library Staff of the University of Minnesota, 29 April 1994.

"Late awakenings; recruiting subject specialists to librarianship and collection development," a chapter to be published in Recruiting, Educating, and Training Librarians for Collection Development, edited by Margaret Johnson and Sheila Intner, by Greenwood Publishing Group in 1993 (submitted, editing underway).

"Frankfurt Book Fair Showcases Publishing's Latest," a brief report in ARL: a bimonthly newsletter of research library issues and actions, no. 165, 23 November 1992, p. 8-9.

"Collection building at the national level: new demands, new concepts," a paper presented to the American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Scholarship session on "cooperative collection development in the Slavic field," Phoenix, 20 November 1992.

"Ownership and access," presentation to the Seminar of the Society for Scholarly Publishing, Boston, 16 September 1992.

Review of Scholarly communication and serial prices: proceedings of a conference... in College & Research Libraries, vol. 53, no. 4 (July 1992), p. 364-65.

"A report on the status of foreign acquisitions in North American research libraries," a keynote address to the annual meeting of the Council of the Center for Research Libraries, Chicago, Illinois, 24 April 1992. Published as an insert to September/October 1992 issue of FOCUS, the Center's newsletter.

"Moving toward concrete solutions based in fundamental values," response to Jasper G. Schad's article "The future of collection development in an era of fiscal stringency," in a symposium in the Journal of Academic Librarianship (March, 1992), p. 7-9.

"Publishers' and librarians' cooperation -- a new vision," a paper delivered to the XXIV Congress of the International Publishers Association in New Delhi, India, 28 January 1992.

"Digital preservation: some reflections upon its implications for collection development officers," a paper presented to the Advisory Council of the Commission on Preservation and Access, Washington, D.C., November, 1991.

"Collection development in the 1990s," a paper presented to the New England Chapter of the Music Library Association, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, 18 October 1991.

"Goodbye to the written word," a paper written as a response to the art installation "Gray Matters: the Last Library" by Carla Rae Johnson, at ARTSPACE, in New Haven, Connecticut, 7 October 1991.

"Academic library collection development in a time of transition; the possibilities for electronic publishing," a paper presented at the annual meeting of the Association of American University Presses, June 1991 in Naples, Florida.

Review of Harry B. Lincoln, "The Italian madrigal and related repertories" (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1988), in Fontes Artis Musicae, vol. 37 no. 3 (January 1991).

"Strategies for the future dissemination of scholarly and scientific articles," a paper presented at the Association of College and Research Libraries Journal Cost Discussion Group session at ALA Mid-winter, January 1991 in Chicago.

"The crisis in music bibliography," keynote address to the session on teaching music bibliography of the Annual Meeting of the College Music Society, November 1990, Washington, D.C. To be published in Symposium, the journal of the College Music Society.

"Strategic choices facing the Yale libraries," a lecture to the Fellowship of Pierson College, Yale University, October 1990.

"Contribution" to "Do serials vendor policies affect serials pricing?" in Serials Review, vol.16, no. 2 (Summer, 1990), p. 17-18.

"Anticipated demands on collection development budgets and the role of outside resources in funding acquisitions," keynote address of the ALCTS-RS and LAMA program "Funding Future Acquisitions: Financial Resources for the 1990s" at the American Library Association Annual Conference, Chicago, June 1990.

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"Selection and Acquisition [of serials for research libraries]," a paper presented at the sixth annual seminar of the Association of Learned Society and Professional Journal Publishers, London, England, April 1990.

"The RLG Conspectus as a methodology for national collection coordination," a paper presented to the Swedish National Committee for Library Planning, Stockholm, Sweden, February 1990.

"Role of the RLG Conspectus in collection development policy in the university," a paper presented at the Universitetsbibliotek, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden, February 1990.

"The ARL Serials Report of 1989; its significance and implications," a paper presented at the Charleston Conference on Acquisitions, November 1989.

"Filantropia e sostegno per gli Enti Locali per la Cultura agli Stati Uniti," a paper presented at the Seconda Conferenza Nazionale degli Enti Locali per la Cultura, Ferrara, Italy June 1989.

"Development, promulgation, and support of scholarly data bases: a comparative study of selected U.S. and Italian experiences," a paper presented at the Conference of the Western European Specialists Section of the Association of College and Research Libraries, Florence, Italy, April, 1988.

"Grantsmanship," a paper presented at the annual meeting of the Music Library Association, Eugene, Oregon, February 1987 (and subsequently at the 1988 Annual Conference of the Canadian Association of Music Libraries, Toronto, Ontario).

"New bibliographic, literary, and musical tools; the Italian Music and Lyric Poetry of the Renaissance Project," a paper presented to the Conference on Music Bibliography, Evanston, Illinois, 12 October 1986; this paper will be published in a conference proceeding as vol. 1, no. 2 of Music Reference Research Services (Binghamton, N.Y.: Haworth, scheduled for 1993). Version of the same paper presented at the VIII International Congress of the International Musicological Society in Bologna, Italy in August 1987 (a summary of the paper was published in a conference proceeding), at the annual meeting of the Association for Computers & the Humanities in Columbia, South Carolina, April 1987, and at a meeting of the Computers and the Humanities Group at Brown University in May 1989.

Music Reference and Research Materials, 4th edition, co-author with Vincent Duckles New York: Schirmer Books of Macmillan Inc. 1988. 712 p. [Winner of 1988 Deems Taylor Award of ASCAP]. A revised 4th edition is scheduled for publication in June 1993 and a 5th edition is contracted.

"Issues in Retrospective Conversion," a paper presented to the Iowa Association of College and Research Libraries Spring Conference, 26 April 1985.

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