Undergraduate Admission


Stanford Statement Regarding Applicants’ Right to Protest

There have been a number of inquiries from high school students nationwide, both current applicants to Stanford and those who might be interested in applying in the future, regarding their desire to engage in peaceful protests following the horrendous and tragic shootings at Stoneman-Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.
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One of the important tenets of Democracy is the right of a free people to express their opinion and position on critical national issues. There has been a phenomenal response from high school students around the nation who wish to exercise this right.

Concurrently, concern has been raised as to the impact if students were to face disciplinary action if their protests takes them away from school, which is often an infraction of attendance policy. Given the nature of this national tragedy and the true and heartfelt response of students in expressing their perspectives and expectations, the University will not consider the choice of students to participate in protests as a factor in the review of present or future candidates.

Richard H. Shaw
Dean of Undergraduate Admission and Financial Aid