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Who We Are

OTL is one of the country's most active offices in the field of technology transfer from university to industry. Our staff, most of whom are professionals engaged directly in licensing, manages over 3,000 active dockets.

Our licensing professionals evaluate technologies that are disclosed to OTL and then develop a licensing strategy for the particular technology. Each associate is responsible for a portfolio of dockets from "cradle to grave." The associates each have an area of technical expertise in life sciences, physical sciences or both.

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Katharine Ku - Executive Director
Mona Wan - Associate Director, Licensing - Life Sciences
Scott Elrod - Associate Director, Licensing - Physical Sciences
Mary Albertson - Associate Director, Operations

Licensing Associates & Liaisons
Ximena Ares - Senior Associate
      / Caroline Massee
Chu Chang - Licensing Associate
      / Mary Jane Wolf
Linda Chao - Senior Associate
      / Kandis Stubblefield
Evan Elder - Licensing Associate
      / Ngan Tefera
Irit Gal - Senior Associate
      / Joan Falciano
Anne Kopf-Sill - Licensing Associate
      / Fanny Chu
Brenda Martino - Biological Materials Specialist
Sara Nakashima - Senior Associate
      / Kassandra Dibble
Imelda Oropeza - Licensing Associate
      / Brandon Tran
Denise Lew - Licensing Associate

Licensing Liaisons/Assistants
Grant MacLeod - Liaison Manager
Fanny Chu - Licensing Liaison
Joan Falciano - Licensing Liaison
Caroline Massee - Licensing Liaison
Kassandra Dibble - Licensing Assistant
Kandis Stubblefield - Licensing Liaison
Ngan Tefera - Licensing Liaison
Brandon Tran - Licensing Assistant
Mary Jane Wolf - Licensing Liaison
Tina Ha - Licensing Liaison

Industrial Contracts Office
Sally O'Neil - Director
Stefani Shek - Associate Director
Tatiana Sorokina - Senior Industrial Contracts Officer
Lisa Chen - Industrial Contracts Officer
Brian Huang - Industrial Contracts Officer
Jamie Kitano - Industrial Contracts Officer
Chang Kim - Industrial Contracts Officer
Liz Long - Contracts Coordinator

Becky Wu - Finance Services Manager
Nancy Fuller - Accounting Assistant
Nita Casulla - Administrative Assistant

Administrative Staff
Khat Ahrary - Administrative Services Manager
Alice Pham - Receptionist/Administrative Associate for OTL
Shawn Harlan - Assistant to the Director
Betsy Saiz - Administrative Associate

Maria Gladfelter - Manager
Lisa Freitas - Assistant Compliance Manager

Andrea Blecken - Patent Agent

Information Systems
Dennis Torres - OTL Systems Administrator/Computer Support Analyst