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Our Process

The Office of Technology Licensing evaluates, markets and licenses technology owned by Stanford. OTL's mission is to encourage effective technology transfer for the public benefit as well as generating royalty income for Stanford to benefit research and education.

The Technology Transfer Process at a Glance (pdf)

First License Meeting Agenda

  1. Licensee's Objectives, Needs, and Desires

  2. Stanford Objectives, Needs, and Desires
    a) Commercial development for society's use and benefit
    b) Share in financial return from our investment
    c) Management of potential conflict of interest
    d) Indemnification
  3. License Option
    a) Field(s) of use
    b) Exclusivity
    c) Duration
    d) Diligence milestones
    i.) business plan
    ii.) funding
    iii.) management team
    e) Fees
  4. General Terms of License Agreements
    a) Field(s) of use
    i.) applications
    ii.) embodiment
    b) Exclusivity
    c) Duration
    d) Sublicensing
    i.) rights
    ii.) fees
    e) Royalties
    i.) issue
    ii.) annual minimums
    iii.) earned royalties
    iv.) equity
    f) Diligence milestones (from business plan)
    i.) working prototype by xx/xx/xx
    ii.) product available for sale by xx/xx/xx
    iii.) first commercial sale by xx/xx/xx

Additional information about OTL’s guiding principles when negotiating a license agreement can be found in "Streamlining Negotiations with OTL."

Example Agreements