Power of Minds Report

“How does what we think, feel, believe, or cognitively practice influence human health, well-being, and achievement?” This is the focal question of the Power of Minds project, a Worldview Stanford...MORE

Power of Minds: Summary for Leaders in Public Health

For much of human history, our most successful healers were those who could tap into the power of cultural expectations, spiritual practices and individual beliefs, and who could convey empathy...MORE
Adopting a growth mindset (seeking out and enjoying new challenges) rather than a fixed mindset (seeing capabilities as set in stone) can improve performance and resilience, says Stanford Psychology Professor...MORE
Beware of structural stigma, which is created and sustained by social, institutional and policy structures, says Columbia clinical psychologist Mark Hatzenbuehler. Living with high levels of structural stigma can get...MORE
We can democratize public health by using a community potluck approach, says Lourdes Rodriguez, a professor at the University of Texas. Mobilizing the unique resources and gifts of all members...MORE