Worldview Stanford creates interdisciplinary learning experiences about the future to prepare leaders for the strategic challenges ahead.

Worldview Stanford is an innovative Stanford University initiative that creates interdisciplinary learning experiences for curious leaders. We deepen their knowledge about the dynamics and discoveries shaping the future to prepare them for the strategic challenges ahead.

This innovative Stanford University initiative is partly an antidote to the information overload and fragmentation that busy professionals face in trying to get—and stay—up to speed on a dizzying array of global developments and research. Worldview Director Brie Linkenhoker traces the inspiration for Worldview to her days as a management consultant: “We often found ourselves scrambling to help clients become more informed about highly complex changes and uncertainties before they could even begin to evaluate their strategic options. This learning curve can be steep and the acquisition of new knowledge often took a back seat to the urgent strategic conversations.”

There’s got to be a way to build a better bridge between new knowledge and action, thought Linkenhoker. Decision makers need direct access to the critical knowledge being created at top universities. Moreover, by investing in the knowledge of their own people, organizations reap greater value than by outsourcing the learning to others. Academic researchers, in turn, can translate their work for professionals whose decisions have impacts in the world, while gaining a better understanding of the pressing issues that business, government, and nonprofit organizations face.

That’s where Worldview Stanford comes in. Stanford University’s deep commitment to interdisciplinary research, as well as its strong ties to some of the world’s most innovative industries and companies, made it the perfect place to create this mutual information exchange. Through learning experiences that combine flexible, online content with an immersive, Stanford-based experience, decision makers across sectors get new frameworks, perspectives, connections, and skills to inform wise decisions—and to continue learning long after they’ve left campus.

  • Brie Linkenhoker


    Brie is a neuroscientist-turned-strategist who has helped companies, governments, and nonprofits develop robust long-term strategies for uncertain futures. She holds a PhD in Neurosciences and an MA in International Policy Studies from Stanford, and she did postdoctoral research in neuroeconomics before joining Monitor, a global strategy consulting firm. She returned to Stanford in late 2012 to launch Worldview. She is passionate about science, wildlife photography, and Giants baseball.

  • Nancy Murphy

    Director of Experience Design and Communications

    Nancy is a writer, strategist, network evangelist, and experience designer. During two decades at Global Business Network, she served as CMO/editor in chief, managed its interdisciplinary network of 150 visionaries, and co-created dozens of conferences and learning journeys for executives on global issues. Nancy received a BA from Wellesley College and an MS from ASU's School of Public Programs. She writes novels and mentors young women from Rwanda.

  • Juli Sherry

    Design Lead, UX & Educational Media

    Juli is a designer, business strategist, and entrepreneur. She creates systems and visualizations to communicate complex ideas. She has also developed brands for small businesses and startups in Chicago and the Bay Area. Juli has a BS in Computer Graphics from DePaul University and an MBA in Design Strategy from California College of the Arts. She can’t stop knitting and playing bass in her band.

  • Michael Osborne

    Audio Production Director

    Michael is a climate scientist-turned-science producer. He holds a PhD in Geochemistry from Stanford, a BS in Geology from UT-Austin, and a BA in Criminology from UM-Missoula. He founded and produces the Generation Anthropocene podcast, he's published several articles and radio shows on popular science, and he's always hoping to hear a good story. 

  • Steve Griffin

    Video Production Director

    Steve is a creator and consumer of media in all forms. He received his BA in Film Production from Loyola Marymount University and spent the last 8 years as the head of information technology and digital media management at the Criterion Collection. He has edited projects for the screen and web. He loves films, music, and literature. He is a native of Southern California and a New York transplant who now makes his home in the Bay Area.

  • Leslie Chang

    Senior Audio Producer

    Leslie loves making great audio stories. She is the co-host and senior producer of Raw Data and Generation Anthropocene. Previously as an independent producer, Leslie has created stories for NPR's State of the Re:Union, KQED Public Radio's Forum, and a national pilot union. She holds a BS in Earth Systems from Stanford, and attended the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies. Leslie loves hiking in misty redwood forests, imposing voice-over on her dog, and toast.

  • Alison Fell

    Social Media Specialist and Video Project Manager

    Alison is content producer obsessed with all things social. She has an MFA in Commercial Photography from the Academy of Art University and a BA in Visual Arts, New Media from the UC San Diego. She has spent the past 5 years pursuing her passion for brand awareness, media management, and social engagement. You'll never find her without ear buds, chapstick, or aviator sunglasses. If it's #instaworthy, she's posting about it on @alifellinlove. 

  • Isha Salian

    Production Intern

    Isha is an aspiring writer with a love for technology and compelling stories. A senior at Stanford, she is double majoring in Communication and English. As a part-time writer for NVIDIA Corp., Isha covered stories about virtual reality and deep learning. She has also interned in the communications department at Stanford Law School. She is a Bay Area native and a dancer trained in the North Indian classical dance form kathak. 

  • Jackson Roach

    Assistant Producer

    Jackson is an audio producer and storyteller. He has a B.A. in Comparative Literature and Creative Writing from Stanford. Jackson is an assistant producer at Raw Data and Generation Anthropocene. He was a 2016 Radiolab intern, and continues to work with the Stanford Storytelling Project. In his spare time, he climbs trees and designs board games.

  • Patrick House

    Research Associate

    Patrick is a neuroscientist and a writer. He earned a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Stanford and has written about both science and culture for Slate and The New Yorker. He has been a science consultant to American Film Institute and his research has been featured on Radiolab and in many major media outlets. He can be found/yelled-at/pitched-to at pathouse@stanford.edu or @drmisterpatrick.

A unique way to connect to a broad range of remarkable people, among the participants, speakers, and Stanford researchers, and enter into deep, meaningful conversations about things that matter.

Christian Crews, Independent Consultant