Explaining The Big Picture: Global Environmental Change
We are entering a new geologic age—the Anthropocene— in which human activity is reshaping the planet and its inhabitants. How will climate change drive environmental shifts in the years ahead? And how can we better understand environmental risks and resilience in order to plan and act effectively?

Understanding Sources of Environmental Risk
The Earth’s systems face critical challenges, especially where they intersect with human needs and development. What significant risks are we seeing across water systems, agriculture systems, ecosystems, infrastructure, human habitation, health, and energy?

Adopting Strategies for Resilience
The Anthropocene also offers enormous potential for innovation. How are we cultivating resilience through mitigation, adaptation, and improved preparation?


Discover how experts from multiple disciplines (e.g. earth sciences, biology, political science, public policy, law, business, engineering) —and practitioners in the field—are analyzing and addressing global environmental change, and the uncertainties that still remain.

Synthesize diverse perspectives on the sources of risk and resilience within and across earth systems. Examine the respective roles of business, governments and civil society.

Apply new knowledge, strategies, and tools to inform our awareness of global environmental change and boost resilience through further research, policies, and technologies.

Design Thinking for Resilience

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Sample Media From Environmental Risk & Resilience

Confronting Climate Change Worldview interviews:

Chris Field

An Overview of Oceans Worldview illustrates:

Our Ocean Systems

Stories from the Field Worldview investigates:

Complex Systems

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Experts You’ll Meet

Chris Field,

PhD, Professor of Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies, Director of the Carnegie Institution's Department of Global Ecology, co-chairman of IPCC Working Group II
Expert on the global impacts of climate change, mitigation, and adaptation

Buzz Thompson,

JD, Professor of Law and co-director of the Woods Institute for the Environment
Expert on legal and policy issues related to water and other natural resources

Meg Caldwell,

JD, Deputy Director, Oceans, David and Lucile Packard Foundation
Environmental lawyer specializing in the conserving and enhancing ocean ecosystems

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