Custom Convenings

Facilitated Learning

By bringing together teams to explore an interdisciplinary issue of strategic importance, leaders can accelerate organizational learning, alignment—and action.

That’s why Worldview Stanford creates a limited number of semi-customized, experiential convenings for organizations interested in deepening and broadening their knowledge of emerging topics. We focus on the intersection of natural and social sciences, business, technology, and the humanities, addressing topics as diverse as developments in neuroscience and psychology, the promise and perils of big data, and the implications of climate change for Earth and human systems.

Each program features a combination of online, multimedia content and an immersive session at Stanford (up to two days) with Stanford experts and local innovators. We discuss your learning objectives in advance to design the overall experience and deliver a unique, facilitated program that highlights relevant research, frameworks and tools, and reveals new strategic questions and learning priorities for your organization.

Explore one of the Worldview learning sessions to see how we integrate the online and in person learning experience.


Worldview Stanford understands that the key to truly understanding some of the most critical issues related to our shared future comes through designed learning experiences and provocative conversations with diverse faculty members. Worldview models what true, interdisciplinary learning is all about - expanding the mind, heart, and collective possibility.

Lisa Solomon, Author, Moments of Impact: How to Design Strategic Conversations That Accelerate Change