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Medical Center General Numbers

AdminId Listing Name Maintainer
Medical Center General Numberssee: Hospitals/Clinics

Medical Center Administrative Offices

AdminId Listing Name Maintainer
VSYNCommunication & Public AffairsPeterson, Alison (School of Medicine - Communications & Public Affairs, Business Manager)
Tamboura, Alyssa (School of Medicine - Communications & Public Affairs, Communications Associate; CUTANEOUS ONCOLOGY-SHC, OFFICE ASST)
Medical Alumni Associationsee: Development, Medical Center
Medical School Fundsee: Development, Medical Center
Primary Care Associate Program (Physician Associate/Nurse Practitioner Training Program)see: Center for Education in Family and Community Medicine

Medical Center, School of Medicine

AdminId Listing Name Maintainer
VMEQAcademic AffairsJoo, Lisa (School of Medicine - Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Administrative Associate)
VTGCAnesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain MedicineRoja, Maria (Anesthesia, Human Resources Coordinator)
VVICBiochemistryGarza, Aimee (Former staff)
Zalamea, Ophelia (Retired staff)
Biodesign Centersee: Byers Center for Biodesign
WYLTBiomedical Informatics IDPMalukhina, Galina (Medicine, Director of Finance)
Menees, Joan (Biomedical Informatics (BMI) graduate training program, Student Services Administrator and Admissions Officer)
Oliva, MaryJeanne (Biomedical Informatics (BMI) graduate training program, Casual - Non-Exempt; Stanford Live, Lead Usher; School of Medicine - IDP's - MSTP, Program Assistant; Biomedical Informatics (BMI) graduate training program, Affiliate)
XFOLBlood CenterBranaman, Sharon (Staff; Central Mgmt-Misc AR, Affiliate)
Blood Donor Centersee: Blood Center
BMIRsee: Medicine - Stanford Center for Biomedical Informatics Research
VDMMByers Center for BiodesignDenend, Lyn (School of Medicine - MDRP'S - Biodesign Program, Director, Academic Programs, Stanford Biodesign; Med/Primary Care and Population Health, Lecturer)
Heller, Carolyn (School of Medicine - MDRP'S - Biodesign Program, Director of Operations and Finance)
Torres, Cece (School of Medicine - MDRP'S - Biodesign Program, Biodesign Program Assistant)
see: Byers Center for Biodesign
VCTOCancer Clinical Trials OfficeBaker, Christine (Cancer Clinical Trials Office, Administrative Manager)
Johnson, Brittany (Cancer Clinical Trials Office, Administrative Associate, CCTO)
Sullivan, Amanda (Cancer Clinical Trials Office, Cancer Clinical Trials Office Administrator)
VWESCardiothoracic Surgery (CVRB)Prater, Pauline (Cardiothoracic Surgery, Administrative Manager)
VTFZCardiovascular Institute OperationsAlley, Bill (Former staff)
VCPWCenter for Primary Care and Outcomes ResearchLonhart, Nancy (Medicine, Associate DFA - Research)
Clinical and Translational Research Unit (CTRU)see: Clinical Translational Research Unit - CTRU
VKDWClinical Translational Research Unit - CTRURittler, Renee (Psychology, Administrative Services Supervisor)
VXIWComparative MedicineTwietmeyer, Courtney (Former staff)
Cytogenetics Labsee: SHC-Reserved
VYYIDepartment of Developmental BiologyElliott, Susan (Department of Developmental Biology, Administrative Associate)
VYJGDermatologyBernstein, Pamela (Dermatology, Administrative Research Manager)
Yamahiro, Philip (Dermatology, Dir Finance & Admin - Med Schl)
Digital Imagingsee: Visual Art Services
VSAAEducational Programs and ServicesAraiza-Fuge, Natalia (Former staff)
Boesch, Lisa (Educational Programs and Services, Associate Director, HR & Operations)
Plattner, Suzanne (Educational Programs and Services, Assistant HR Manager)
Satanovskiy, Valeriia (Educational Programs and Services, Temporary Operations Assistant)
Electronic (Computer) Imagingsee: Visual Art Services
Endocrinology, Gerontology and Metabolismsee: Med/Endocrinology
Facilitiessee: Facilities Planning & Management, Office of
VPJOFacilities Planning & Management, Office ofKim, Tori (School of Medicine - Office of Facilities Planning & Management, Administrative Associate)
Velayo, Albie (School of Medicine - Office of Facilities Planning & Management, Director of Business Operations and Finance)
Functional Restorationsee: Orthopaedic Surgery
WAZCGeneticsSoares, Randy (Genetics, Director of Finance and Administration - Genetics and ITI)
Gynecology & Obstetricssee: Obstetrics & Gynecology
Health Improvement Program (HIP)see: Medicine - Stanford Prevention Research Center
WDDQHealth Research and PolicyHorner, Kevin (Health Research and Policy, Administrative Associate)
Kessler, Martha (Health Research and Policy, Executive Director of Finance and Administration)
ZZSKHoward Hughes Medical InstWolowski, Nancy (School of Medicine - Human Resources Group, STemps Svc-Special Casual-OSE; Howard Hughes Medical Inst, Science Operations Associate/HR specialist)
kennedy, john (Howard Hughes Medical Inst, Science Operations Manager)
VNXWHuman Resources GroupBarragan, Alejandra (School of Medicine - Human Resources Group, Department Administrator)
VQRMInformation Resources and TechnologyMedina, Elizabeth (SoM - Information Resources & Technology, Administrative Associate 2)
Pertle, Lora (SoM - Information Resources & Technology, Director, Finance and Administration, Information Resources & Technology)
Institute for Biomedical Engineeringsee: Byers Center for Biodesign
VTGDInstitute for Immunity, Transplantation, and InfectionGordon, Anne (Institute for Immunity, Transplantation, and Infection Operations, Affiliate)
King, Michele (Institute for Immunity, Transplantation, and Infection Operations, Program Manager)
VTFAInstitute of Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative MedicineAlley, Bill (Former staff)
Instructional Media in Medicinesee: Visual Art Services
VRCULane Medical LibraryKmetko, Judith (School of Medicine - Lane Medical Library, Lane Library Administrator)
Pertle, Lora (SoM - Information Resources & Technology, Director, Finance and Administration, Information Resources & Technology)
LifeFlightsee: SHC-Reserved
ZKAJLPCH-ReservedDohn, Ann (DEPT OF GRADUATE MEDICAL EDUC-SHC, DIR-OFFICE GRADUATE MED EDU; School of Medicine - Dean's Office, Affiliate)
Ludwig Center for Stem Cell Cancer Researchsee: Institute of Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine
WFIEMed/Blood and Marrow TransplantationClark, Sara (Medicine - Med/Blood and Marrow Transplantation, Adm Assoc 3)
WGTWMed/Clinical PharmacologyNorrie, Brenda (Medicine - Med/Infectious Diseases, Fellowship Coordinator)
WLSAMed/EndocrinologyShah, Milan (WYLV -Med/BMIR Administration, Academic Operations Mgr 2; FINANCIAL PLANNING & DSS-SHC, DECISION SUPPORT SPEC)
WHYBMed/Hospital MedicineArthur, Lauren (Med/Hospital Medicine, Administrative Associate)
Gaines, Craig (Med/Primary Care and Population Health, Division Manager)
Wang, Elsie (Med/Hospital Medicine, Division Manager)
WPEMMed/Immunology & RheumatologyAberia, Angelica (Medicine - Med/Immunology & Rheumatology, Administrative Associate 2)
Park, Julie (Medicine - Med/Immunology & Rheumatology, Clinical Division Manager)
Pierce, Randall (Ophthalmology, Faculty Affairs Administrator 2)
Zeng, Jack (Medicine, Director of Information Systems)
Media Productionssee: Visual Art Services
Medical Device Networksee: Byers Center for Biodesign
Medical Graphicssee: Visual Art Services
WEPIMedicineCluff, Crystal (Medicine, Administrative Associate 3)
McCombie, Helena (Medicine, Director of Administration, Office of the Chair)
Polusmak, Irina (Medicine, Executive Assistant to the Department of Medicine Chair)
WFPSMedicine - Cardiovascular MedicineMayo, Maisi (Medicine - Med/Cardiovascular Medicine, Assistant Division Manager)
Starrett, Diane (Cardiothoracic Surgery, Administrative Associate)
WHIYMedicine - Gastroenterology and HepatologyGrubb, Pamela (Medicine - Med/Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Administrative Associate 2)
Lydick, Susan (Medicine - Med/Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Clinical Division Mgr 3)
Sykes, Vanessa (Former staff)
WOPKMedicine - HematologyLai, Sarah (Medicine - Med/Hematology, Admin Services Manager)
Wang, Laura (Medicine - Med/Hematology, Office Manager)
WPTOMedicine - Infectious DiseasesNorrie, Brenda (Medicine - Med/Infectious Diseases, Fellowship Coordinator)
WUKEMedicine - NephrologyHollings, Jocelyn (Medicine - Med/Nephrology, Division Manager)
WUZGMedicine - OncologyBussey, Phyllis (Medicine - Med/Oncology, Clinical Division Mgr 4)
Wootton, Margaret (Medicine - Med/Oncology, Faculty Affairs Specialist)
WHYAMedicine - Primary Care and Population HealthGaines, Craig (Med/Primary Care and Population Health, Division Manager)
Wang, Elsie (Med/Hospital Medicine, Division Manager)
WXAAMedicine - Pulmonary and Critical Care MedicineKaeding, Benita (Medicine - Med/Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, Clinical Division Mgr 3)
Venancio, Natalie (Medicine - Med/Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, Administrative Associate)
WYLSMedicine - Stanford Center for Biomedical Informatics ResearchMalukhina, Galina (Medicine, Director of Finance)
WQXSMedicine - Stanford Prevention Research CenterFox, Diana (Med/SPRC - Division Chief, Division Manager)
WZAUMicrobiology & ImmunologyBeppu, Mayumi (Microbiology and Immunology, Assistant Director of Administration)
Gordon, Anne (Institute for Immunity, Transplantation, and Infection Operations, Affiliate)
WZPWMolecular and Cellular PhysiologyBooth, Cathy (Molecular and Cellular Physiology, Laboratory Services Manager)
Einaudi, Elisabeth (Molecular and Cellular Physiology, Dir Finance & Admin, PICI at SOM)
Wright, Schantae (Molecular and Cellular Physiology, Sudent Services Officer)
XAEYMolecular PharmacologyRifkin, Michelle (Former staff)
Tuggle, Margaret (Retired staff)
XBJCNeurobiologyCarvalho, Justin (Neurobiology, Operations Manager)
Clayton, Dorey (Neurobiology, Director of Finance & Administration; CNC &)
XBYENeurologyJoo, Cheryl (Neurology, Assoc DFA - Neurology & Neurosurgery)
XCNGNeurosurgeryJoo, Cheryl (Neurology, Assoc DFA - Neurology & Neurosurgery)
WBGQObstetrics & GynecologyLewanda, Ellen (Obstetrics & Gynecology, Facilities Manager)
VSWAOffice of the OmbudspersonMckee, Martha (Retired staff)
XWUYOHNS/Otolaryngology/Head & Neck SurgeryAbrahamsohn, Lori (OHNS/Otolaryngology/Head & Neck Surgery, Faculty Affairs Admstr 2)
Irwin, Jason (OHNS/Otolaryngology/Head & Neck Surgery, Dir Finance & Admin - Med Schl)
Ombudspersonsee: Office of the Ombudsperson
XDCIOphthalmologyWong, Bryant (Ophthalmology, Dir Fin and Adm (SoM) 2)
VZFWOrthopaedic SurgeryGuy, Morisa (Orthopaedic Surgery, Director of Finance and Administration - School of Medicine, Orthopaedic Surgery)
McCormick, Maureen (Orthopaedic Surgery, Faculty Affairs Administrator)
Sjoblom-Bay, Kara (Former staff)
XEZIPathologyLlanes, Cynthia (Pathology Ops Business Office, Faculty Affairs Admstr 3)
Lloyd, Julie (Pathology Ops Business Office, Human Resources Manager)
XFZSPediatricsBrown, Robbin (Pediatrics, HR Coordinator/Faculty Affairs Admin)
Campo, Jhu Jhu (Surgery - Emergency Medicine, Residency Program Coordinator 2)
Chen, Stacey (Vice Provost for Student Affairs, Senior HR Associate)
Olson, Jessica (Former staff)
Wang, Vikki (Former staff)
Photographic Servicessee: Visual Art Services
Planningsee: Facilities Planning & Management, Office of
Posters & Printingsee: Visual Art Services
XLYGPsychiatry and Behavioral SciencesDoglietto, Georgie (Retired staff)
Knab, Denise (Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Administrative Associate)
XNVGRadiation OncologyHeintz, Anne (Radiation Oncology - Radiation Therapy, Academic Operations Manager 1)
Yi, Christine (Radiation Oncology - Radiation Therapy, Administrative Associate 2)
XPDERadiologyCampano, Mia (Former staff)
Chapman, Deitria (Rad/Radiology Finance and Administration, Human Resources & VP Manager)
Johns, Shalyce (Rad/Radiology Finance and Administration, Financial Management Analyst)
VPRCResearch Management GroupBarragan, Ana (SoM Finance - Faculty Compensation, Faculty Compensation Administrator)
Gonzalez, Patricia (School of Medicine - Research Management Group, Operations Coordinator)
Kellner, Karen (School of Medicine - Research Management Group, HR Mgr 1)
VNQISafety & Emergency ManagementBarcomb, Linda (School of Medicine - Office of Facilities Planning & Management, Director of Safety and Emergency Management, SoM)
VMPYSenior Associate Dean for Finance and AdministrationBarragan, Ana (SoM Finance - Faculty Compensation, Faculty Compensation Administrator)
Yanez, Jacquelyn (School of Medicine - Finance, Fiscal Affairs Administrative Associate 3)
ZDDGSHC-ReservedMueller, Suzanne (Woods Support for Steve Luby, Program Administrator)
Silva, Michael (Retired staff)
Silva, Michael (Retired staff)
VADUSoM Dean's Office Administrative UnitsApalis, Francesca (Medicine - Med/PCOR, Administrative Associate 2)
Domingo, Amy (Chief of Staff, Director of Operations, Office of the Dean)
VTFWStanford Cancer InstituteAdams, Laura (Stanford Cancer Institute, Director of Finance & Administration/Assoc. Director, Administration & Strategy)
Clark, Cherelyn (Stanford Cancer Institute, Accountant)
Matlin, Nancy (Stanford Cancer Institute, Director, Finance & Academic Affairs)
Tarry, Kelly (Stanford Cancer Institute, Operations Manager - Stanford Cancer Institute)
VJHGStanford Center Biomedical Ethics OperationsBailey, Paula (Retired staff)
VEBOStanford Functional Genomics FacilityJimenez, Luisa (Stanford Functional Genomics Facility - School of Medicine - MDRP'S - Stanford Functional Genomics Facility, Administrative Associate)
VTFXStanford Institute for Neuro Innovation and Translational NeuroscienceAlley, Bill (Former staff)
XTQAStructural BiologyDo, Bick (Structural Biology, Finance & Administration Manager)
Larios, Jaime (Structural Biology, Administrative Associate; Chemical and Systems Biology Operations, Administrative Associate)
XUIWSurgeryChristie, Gail (Retired staff)
Phillips, Katreina (Retired staff)
XVBSSurgery - AnatomyHages, Ruth (Facilities Operations - Utilities, Staff Coordinator)
XVJGSurgery - Emergency MedicineKagawa, Dolly (Surgery - Emergency Medicine, Affiliate)
XVQUSurgery - General SurgerySy, Stephanie (Surgery - General Surgery, Faculty Affairs Administrator 2)
XXCMSurgery - PediatricForneris, Lisa (Surgery - Pediatric Surgery, Clinical Division Mgr)
Solano, Francciny (Former staff)
XXKASurgery - Plastic and ReconstructiveEdgerton, Julie (Former staff)
XXROSurgery - TransplantationSanchez-Ng, Gyn (Surgery - Multi-Organ Transplantation, Division Manager)
Standridge, Kim (HEART TRANSPLANT-SHC, DIR-BUS & OUTREACH CLIN OPS; Surgery - Multi-Organ Transplantation, Affiliate)
XZDGSurgery - VascularAboud, Wajhma (Surgery - Vascular Surgery, Clinical Division Mgr 3)
XZKUUrology - DivisionsHaider, Shahla (Urology - Administration, Director of Finance and Administration)
Jolly, Jacqueline (Urology - Administration, Adm Assoc 4)
Video Productionsee: Visual Art Services
VPYQVisual Art ServicesDay, Jim (Retired staff)
Wijtman, MaryAnn (Retired staff)

Lucille Packard Children's Hospital

AdminId Listing Name Maintainer
ZGACLucile Packard Children's Hospital StanfordRosenbauer, Terri (Administration, Office Mgr - President & CEO)
Schroeder, Tina (Marketing, Administrative Asst II)

Stanford Hospital and Clinics

AdminId Listing Name Maintainer
ZCAAStanford Hospital and ClinicsNikaido, Sue (Former staff)
ABMMUniversity CommunicationMaier, Kristin (Public Affairs Administration, HR Manager OPA/Ucomm)
Wade, Enelda (University Communications, Finance Manager and Budget Officer)