Stanford ID or Visitor Registration with a valid gov't photo ID is required for building access. A small reading room is available to visitors. Items from this library may also be paged to other campus libraries via Searchworks. Delivery usually takes 1 business day.


691 Pampas Lane Stanford CA 94305


SAL1&2 is located on Pampas Lane, a small side street just off of Serra St, near El Camino Real. The Library entrance is located next to the building's loading dock and faces the Stanford Credit Union.

Transit and Parking 

Marguerite shuttles N, V, and C stop near SAL1&2. Visitor pay parking is available at the Stanford Credit Union.


Most of the collections are shelved on compact shelving. Library staff are available to retrieve items from the Stacks for all users.


SAL1&2 houses overflow collections from campus libraries across all disciplines.