Support the Libraries

Since the very founding of Stanford, its library collections have been shaped and immeasurably enriched by gifts of many kinds.

Today, we rely on a combination of endowments, gifts of collections, and cash gifts to supplement and build upon the operational support of the university. Much of what we offer students and researchers is directly the result of donations shaped by the interests and knowledge of the donor. This is an ongoing collaboration and dialogue with supporters that provides means of conveying interest and passion for learning between generations.


Gabrielle Karampelas
Director, Communications and Development
(650) 497-4414

David A Jordan
Annual Giving Officer
(650) 723-3866

Sonia Lee
Associate Director for Development
(650) 736-9538

Kelly Fields
Information Editor
(650) 387-2317


Bing Wing
Cecil H. Green Library
Stanford University Libraries
Stanford, CA 94305-6004