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  1. Mar 9

    In a speech on campus last night, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell remarked that is "a place dedicated to scholarship supporting policies to better peoples' lives":

  2. Mar 9

    Today marks 38 years since Stanford surgeon Bruce Reitz and team performed the world’s first successful heart-lung transplant. It came just in time to save Mary Gohlke, a newspaper executive dying from pulmonary hypertension:

  3. Mar 8

    Anne Martin, '96, an 1895 intercollegiate women's singles tennis champion, organized the movement that won women's suffrage in Nevada in 1914.

  4. Mar 8

    Nettie Maria Stevens, '99, conducted groundbreaking genetics research that linked chromosomes to the determination of gender. David Starr Jordan called her "one of the ablest scientific investigators developed at Stanford."

  5. Mar 8

    With all courses and majors open to them, nearly 25 percent of women in Stanford’s early classes majored in science. (Only 4 percent did nationally.)

  6. Mar 8

    Mary Sheldon Barnes was the first, and only, woman appointed to Stanford's faculty when the university opened in 1891. She is best known for pioneering a primary source methodology for teaching history.

  7. Mar 8

    Jane Stanford insisted on admitting women to the university’s first student body. In the public sphere, over the objections of her husband’s business associates, she gave free rail passes to suffragists on campaign in 1896.

  8. Mar 8

    Stanford opened in 1891 as one of only a few private co-educational universities. It was also one of the first institutions to offer advanced degrees to women from the beginning.

  9. Mar 7

    No. 2 seed opens the Pac-12 Tournament Friday seeking its 13th tournament title.

  10. Mar 8

    "We can only be Stanford together," the Rev. Dr. Tiffany Steinwert says.

  11. Mar 7

    .'s Billy Loo is developing technology that delivers therapy in a flash, precisely targeting cells and minimizing collateral damage to healthy tissue. He explains on The Future of Everything, a Stanford Radio podcast:

  12. Mar 7

    Balaji Prabhakar helped develop technology that can track time down to 100 billionths of a second. Tonight, he joins John and Darrell Duffie in a discussion of ever-faster . Watch live on the Stanford Facebook page starting at 7 p.m. PT.

  13. Mar 7

    Initially, people trying to kick a habit experience all the signs and symptoms of withdrawal: depression, irritability and agitation. The good news is, if people abstain for a month, they usually feel better.

  14. Mar 7

    "We like ideas that verge on science fiction," Sigrid Close says. "We have to do work that's revolutionary, rather than only evolutionary, if we're going to get to that next step in space exploration."

  15. Mar 6

    . geophysicist Tiziana Vanorio has long been fascinated by the Neapolitan Province, where two iconic volcanoes have shaped land and life over thousands of years. A faculty-initiated summer seminar let her share it with 13 undergrad students:

  16. Mar 6

    Stanford bioinformatics researchers are working on a smartphone app that could help diagnose in minutes – and provide ongoing therapy as well, with fewer visits to specialized clinics.

  17. Mar 6

    "Looking at one high school that was well-balanced in terms of its overall proportion of blacks and whites, we found that students were almost 15 times more likely to be close friends with someone of their own race than of another race."

  18. Mar 6

    In one quarter of 2016, 7 percent of disputed claims were marked as "resolved" by the Veterans Benefits Administration because the people who had submitted them died while waiting for an answer.

  19. Mar 5

    "We're not there yet but we're moving pretty quickly towards a world where you might be able to verify emissions at a large city scale," 's Rob Jackson says.

  20. Mar 5

    The Knight-Hennessy Scholars program has announced 69 students from around the world for its 2019 cohort. They'll receive full funding for graduate study at Stanford.


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