Seed Research Program

CNEEC plans to award several SEED projects to Stanford faculty every year on a competitive basis. The duration for SEED projects is normally for 12 months, with possibility of extension into the second year under exceptional circumstances and in case of major breakthroughs.

The SEED projects are expected to involve new concepts, directions and risky ideas with potentially big returns that add to Center's programs, and impact energy science and technology in a significant manner.

The proposed work should not exceed three pages and is preferred to be in line with and complementary to CNEEC programs. A summary budget should be included with the proposal.

The solicitations for SEED proposal will be announced in the Fall, and the awards are expected to start in January. The proposals will be reviewed and evaluated by CNEEC's Executive Committee members.

For more information, please contact Prof. Turgut Gur, Executive Director, at turgut(at)

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