It takes an entire community of staff, faculty and students working together to do the incredible work that we do, deliver the education we deliver and to do the kinds of breakthrough research that we do.
Stanford University seal
Marc Tessier-Lavigne
Stanford President

The Cardinal at Work Spirit

Created to unify our employee experience, Cardinal at Work aligns to three values:

  • Meaningful contributions. Our work is valued and contributes to the university’s mission
  • Pride. We have pride in our contributions, which reflect our collective excellence
  • Connection. Through collaboration and connection, we can make the world a better place

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A Learning Mindset

Our culture of collaboration, excellence and continuous learning characterizes who we are as a community. As lifelong learners, we're driven by curiosity and the ambition to learn and grow. From job skills training to degree programs, the university supports you in reaching your full potential.

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A Diverse & Inclusive Workplace

We believe different perspectives, experiences and cultures enrich the educational and work experience. We celebrate diversity and foster inclusiveness by providing services and resources designed for equal opportunity, equal access, and collaboration among our diverse community.

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Schools & Units

Our Seven Schools

Stanford offers staff employment opportunities in seven schools and numerous academic and administrative areas that all support and complement Stanford’s educational mission.

With its ideal business location—in Silicon Valley and at the doorway to the emerging economies— the Graduate School of Business develops leaders who change the world.

One of the top law schools in the country, Stanford Law School has established a new model for legal education that provides rigorous interdisciplinary training, hands-on experience, global perspective and a focus on public service.

Through science and engineering, the School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences addresses 21st-century challenges—sustaining critical resources, understanding climate change, and managing risks from human-caused and natural hazards that impact life on Earth.

At the forefront of shaping education policy and practice, the Graduate School of Education offers master’s and doctoral programs dedicated to producing top educational researchers, teachers and leaders.

Stanford Engineering has been at the forefront of innovation for nearly a century, creating pivotal technologies that have transformed the worlds of information technology, business and more. Stanford engineers have established thousands of companies and provided the foundation for Silicon Valley.

Educating most of Stanford’s undergraduates and nearly half of its doctoral candidates, the School of Humanities and Sciences has established an unparalleled culture of inquiry and discovery.

Combining education, research and patient care, the School of Medicine has a worldwide reputation for groundbreaking advances in the understanding and treatment of disease—and in the education of future clinician and innovators in the biomedical sciences and public health.

Campus Locations

A Growing Campus

To support the advancement of our mission to research and education, Stanford’s campus continues to expand beyond The Farm. As the campus grows, so does our pioneering spirit and ability to innovate, discover and explore new fields.

Our beautiful campus sits on 8,180 acres of foothills and flatlands in the heart of Northern California's dynamic "Silicon Valley,” an area rich in natural beauty, culture and entertainment.

Key facts about Stanford's main campus:
  • Largest contiguous college campus in America
  • Resides on 2,616 acres of land with over 43,000 trees, 700 major buildings and a diverse community of approximately 16,000 students, 2,000 faculty members and 13,000 staff
  • At the forefront of sustainability, the campus includes more than 100 high-performance and energy-efficient buildings, and is the recipient of dozens of accolades and awards for its green initiatives throughout campus

Photos of the Stanford main campus

Just across from Stanford's main campus in nearby Palo Alto is the Stanford Research Park, home to many of the world's most cutting-edge and influential companies.

Key facts about Stanford Research Park:
  • Location of key administrative offices including University Human Resources, Offices of Land, Buildings & Real Estate, Residential & Dining Enterprises and the School of Medicine
  • 700 acres with 10+million square feet
  • Provides easy access to dense network of recreation trails

Photos of the Stanford Research Park

Stanford is excited to join the vibrant Redwood City community with its first significant location beyond the university’s main campus.

Key facts about Stanford Redwood City:
  • This $570 million project is the university's largest construction project
  • Will be located five miles north of main campus and sit on 35 acres of land
  • Future location of our administrative units and offices such as Stanford Libraries Services, Office of Business Affairs, Office of Development, University Human Resources and more
  • The campus architecture and atmosphere will look and feel like main campus, with inviting courtyards, cafés, beautiful buildings and a state of the art fitness center

Architectural renderings of the Stanford Redwood City campus

Since its opening in 1962, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory has been helping create the future. SLAC's top-notch research facilities attract thousands of scientists from all over the world each year.

Key facts about SLAC:
  • Located on 426 acres overlooking Stanford University and the communities of Palo Alto and Menlo Park with more than 1,500 employees
  • One of 10 Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science laboratories operated by Stanford University on behalf of the DOE
  • Six scientists have been awarded Nobel prizes for work done at SLAC, and more than 1,000 scientific papers are published each year based on research at the lab

Photos of the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory campus

Stanford employs staff globally through its centers in Chile, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom, and affiliated organizations in China, Ghana, India, Japan and Kenya.

Approximately 70 staff in these locations support our global programs and initiatives such as:
  • Bing Overseas studies programs
  • Transforming businesses in developing economies
  • Research
  • Disease education and prevention efforts

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Photo from Stanford's global locations