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  1. Mar 9

    With the right amount of pressure and surprisingly little heat, a substance found in fossil fuels can transform into pure diamond:

  2. Mar 9

    Brain activity can forecast a video’s popularity on the internet, even when behavior and self-reporting fail.

  3. Mar 9

    "A lot of people called it groundbreaking. But it's more ground-establishing." alumnae , and Jayne Appel Marinelli were at the center of one of the most critical labor negotiations in women's sports history:

  4. Mar 6

    Scientists exploring space are bringing back insights about Earth’s deep past, its complicated relationship with life and our planet’s future.

  5. Mar 5

    "Kids are really variable, and I find that liberating as a parent—that you can relax a little bit and watch them grow in the direction and at the pace that they want to." Prof. on language acquisition and making sense of a very big dataset:

  6. Mar 5

    .’s clinical virology lab has deployed an in-house diagnostic test for the virus that causes . Now in use at two Stanford hospitals, it quickly identifies the presence of viral RNA in swabs from the noses of potentially infected people.

  7. Mar 5

    Giving the mind more time to prepare — more time to visualize the task at hand — substantially improves learning, research shows.

  8. Mar 5

    “The earlier I can go into medicine, the earlier I can start living my dream and my passion.” -Jimmy Zheng 🗞:

  9. Mar 3

    Thanks to the hard work of Stanford students, Tresidder Memorial Union is now an official vote center. If you’re a resident of Santa Clara County, swing by before 8 p.m. to cast your ballot.

  10. Mar 2

    streams live today from the Stanford campus. Tune in to hear from women doing outstanding data science work in academia, industry, government and nonprofits:

  11. Feb 28

    "I've never been part of an event with such energy and so much positivity. We're not lamenting the state of things for women; we're celebrating outstanding individuals. And it feels so good." - streams live on Monday:

  12. Feb 27

    “I co-founded in 2015. I've never been part of an event with such energy and positivity. We’re not lamenting the state of things for women; we’re celebrating outstanding individuals. And it feels so good.”

  13. Feb 26

    A new philanthropic gift to will help eliminate medical school debt for students with the most need.

  14. Turquoise can pause their development as embryos for years – longer than their adult lifetime. Now, research co-authored by Anne Brunet () explains the genetics behind this process, and what it could mean for human aging.

  15. Feb 24

    Camille Utterback's "Precarious," created for the National Portrait Gallery, uses an algorithmically generated visual language to "create a space where intermingled personal boundaries are publicly negotiated."

  16. What does it take to be ? editor Summer Moore Batte, ’99, has been pining to don the foliage of the unofficial mascot for 15 years. This year’s Tree, Caroline Kushel, ’21, generously extended a branch. Watch more:

  17. Feb 21

    Using , a Stanford-led research team has slashed battery testing times – a key barrier to longer-lasting, faster-charging batteries for electric vehicles – by nearly fifteenfold.

  18. "It often takes many steps for a patient with to get better. We went into this thinking, ‘Wouldn’t it be better to identify at the beginning of treatment which treatments would be best for which patients?’"

  19. To develop futuristic technologies like quantum computers, scientists will need to find ways to control photons, the basic particles of light, just as precisely as they can already control electrons, the basic particles in electronic computing.

  20. Feb 19

    Simple ways to protect your privacy (even if you think you have nothing to hide): -Turn off location tracking -Stay away from third-party payment apps -Delete Facebook from your phone -Say no to cookies -Use an independent, privacy-minded browser


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