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Stanford News, October 31, 2019
Stanford Students Dine at the Chef's Table

Stanford News, March 21, 2019
Stanford Dining Chef Shares Easy and Delicious Recipes

Stanford News, March 7, 2019
Students Celebrate Fat Tuesday at Mardi Gras Event

Stanford News, February 1, 2019
Students Showcase Culinary Talents at Annual Cardinal Cook-Off

Food Fanatics Magazine, Fall 2017
Are Colleges Windows to the Future of Dining?

Food Management Magazine, Aug. 17, 2017
Stanford University’s Flavor Lab Experiments With Kombucha, Taps Into Fermentation Trend in Delicious Cream Soda and Peach Flavors

The Washington Post, July 5, 2017
Want to Get More People to Eat Their Veggies? Make Them Sound Like They're Bad For You. 

Foodservice Equipment & Supplies , July 3, 2017
Feeding a Better College Experience 

Food Management, May 16, 2017
Stanford Dining Wakes Up Taste Buds With Ingredient-Driven Series

Stanford News, May 3, 2017 
New Monthly R&DE Stanford Dining Program Emphasizes Seasonal, Local Ingredients

The Market Strategist, April 5, 2017
Stanford and Texas Tech Tempt College Students' Taste Buds and Stay Abreast of Top Trends

Stanford News, May 3, 2017
New Stanford Course Transports Students Into the Middle Ages Through Food, Music, Dance

Travel and Leisure, March 13, 2017
The Best College Dining Halls in America

Stanford Medicine, January 30, 2017
Reimagining Nutrition Education: Doctor-Chefs Teach Stanford Medical Students How to Cook

Flavor & The Menu, May 1, 2016
Educational Pop-Up