Non-Student Summer Housing - Documents to Submit

Non-Student Summer Housing (NSSH) for Summer 2019 is already closed. Check back for NSSH 2020 when information becomes available.

The Non-Student Summer Housing Application requires applicants to submit three (3) documents.  Print, review, sign, save as PDFs and prepare to upload these three signed documents into the application portal.

  1. Liability Waiver Form

  2. Housing Policies and Services for Non-Student Summer Housing 

  3. Stanford Affiliation Form or Official Letter from a Stanford department or conference

All individuals staying on campus must have an academic affiliation with Stanford. Proof of affiliation must be uploaded onto the application as part of the application process. The following are examples of proof of affiliation that will satisfy this requirement:

  • Visiting scholars, post-docs, researchers, interns and others should save and upload a copy of their offer letter from Stanford or an e-mail from their professor or Stanford department verifying their affiliation. Alternately, you can have the professor complete the Affiliation Form on your behalf and send it to you to upload unto the housing application.
  • Conference participants attending an un-housed conference should save and upload a copy of their registration confirmation.
  • Visitors conducting business with Stanford are also eligible, including new staff/faculty needing a temporary location to stay.

If you fall into another category, please send an e-mail to to discuss your eligibility requirements.

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