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  1. Among the mixed legacies of a deadly, devastating virus may be a scientific community primed for agility, rapid communication and cross-disciplinary innovation.

  2. Stanford's 2020 Scholars cohort will be the most diverse yet, with students representing 26 countries pursuing degrees in 39 different graduate programs this fall:

  3. May 3

    "If nobody today goes into the humanities, what do we leave for people 2,000 years from now? There are a lot of stories to be told, art to be made, books to be written." -Lina Wang,

  4. May 2

    How sweet the sound. ( performs "Amazing Grace.")

  5. May 2

    "The humanities allow us to connect with other people, and understand where they come from, and who they are. That's the most human practice of all." -Irie Evans,

  6. May 1

    "I think there's a certain notion ... that studying the humanities or the arts is a luxury. I would disagree. It's studying each other. It's studying what makes us human. It’s studying how to make the world a better place." -Angie Lee,

  7. May 1

    What, you haven't invented anything yet? , ’19, has more than a dozen designs and prototypes for inventions in fields ranging from music to bioengineering. Here's an up-close look at just a few.

  8. May 1

    "I sort of just said, 'Here are my skills and background. Would this be helpful?'" - A group of researchers from Stanford's Station has jumped in to help the public health lab meet demand for testing:

  9. Apr 30

    The student-led Response Innovation Lab has convened hundreds of Stanford affiliates to form or volunteer on projects addressing the pandemic.

  10. Apr 30

    After learning that Monterey County's Public Health Lab was short-staffed and struggling to meet demand for testing, Stanford graduate student Paul Bump rallied his fellow researchers to volunteer their time.

  11. Apr 30

    . professor Andrea Goldsmith has become the first woman to win the Marconi Prize, shattering a glass ceiling in the field of telecommunications.

  12. Apr 30

    First-year Stanford student Marcelo Peña is working with a team of researchers in his home country or Peru to develop a low-cost ventilator to treat patients.

  13. Apr 29

    "Amazing Grace," as performed by .

  14. Apr 29

    Stanford scholar Johannes Eichstaedt has built an algorithm that can provide, in principle, a real-time indication of community well-being by analyzing social media posts.

  15. Apr 29

    A 9-month research collaboration between , and aims to understand the prevalence and spread of in the San Francisco Bay Area.

  16. Apr 28

    "I think what holds the humanities together is a certain way of approaching problems. ... You're always keeping in mind the things you don't know, the things you don't have under your control. Learning how to sit with that is really important." -Tristan Wagner,

  17. Apr 28

    Eavan Boland, renowned poet and professor of English, has died at 75. "No one bore truer witness to the artist's life, and no one was as dedicated to fostering the potential of all writers."

  18. Apr 28

    A small study led by researchers at has identified a biological marker in infants that appears to predict an diagnosis.

  19. Apr 27

    The first "kindness challenge" assigns to his students is to reverse the golden rule: Treat yourself the way you'd treat other people.

  20. Apr 27

    "Existence is multi-faceted, difficult to understand, difficult to explain. I think the humanities combine all of these challenging questions that people want answered and they give you comfort in the fact that you may never get there." - Lorena Diosdado⁣,


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