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Frequently Asked Questions

Printing, Sharing

Q       How does printing work?

A       When you’re on an Administrative Guide Memo page, you have three ways to print:

  1.         Select File>Print from your browser’s toolbar
  2.         Click the printer icon in the right column: Print
  3.         Click “Download as PDF” in the right column to view as a PDF, then click the printer icon


Q       How do I save a Guide Memo to be a Word document?

A       Click "Download as PDF" in the right column; when the printer pop-up window appears, click Cancel. Then, copy the entire document and paste into a blank Word document.

Mobile Devices

Q       Will the site work when I use my tablet or smartphone?

A       Yes, the website pages are mobile aware and will scale to the right size based on the mobile device you’re using. The primary difference is that menus have a vertical alignment.


Updates to Administrative Guide Memos

Q       When are Administrative Guide Memos updated, and how do I find out what changed?

A       Guide Memos are updated on a quarterly basis, or more frequently if warranted. To find out what has changed, do one or both of these:

  •         Click the “What’s New” section to view the most recent updates to Guide Memos.
  •         Subscribe to the Mailman email list for guide-update and you’ll get an email outlining the changes each quarter.


Q       If I have a question about a Guide Memo, how do I know whom to contact?

A       Each Guide Memo has the “Authority” identified by title. Use the President’s or Provost’s organization chart in Chapter 9, or search on the Stanford website, to find the correct person. Also, most administrative offices have a HelpSU category, so you can submit a question in that way as well.