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  1. Bissera Pentcheva, an art historian at Stanford and an expert in acoustic archaeology, studied the Hagia Sophia’s extravagantly reverberant acoustics to reconstruct the sonic world of Byzantine cathedral music.

  2. The black box theater in Roble Gym has been named the Harry J. Elam, Jr. Theater in honor of Elam and his three-decade tenure at Stanford.

  3. "Parents shouldn’t feel guilty that they aren’t doing enough," 's Deborah Stipek tells the . “Schools are going to have to adapt to meet children where they are.”

  4. Aug 3

    The Dish. 📸: Andrew Brodhead

  5. Aug 3

    Fitness apps too often “become a reminder of what we’re not doing,” HAI associate director says.

  6. Aug 3

    Using GPS data from smartphones, researchers analyzed movement patterns to compute what they call “experienced segregation” – the amount of people’s exposure to other races as they go about their daily lives.

  7. Jul 31

    Stanford chemists have crafted molecular scalpels that shuttle potentially dangerous cell surface proteins to be destroyed. The tool could help researchers study and treat diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s, whose causes are linked to surface proteins.

  8. Jul 30

    A new master's program in education data science at will be the first program of its kind to focus specifically on the use of data to solve educational challenges.

  9. Jul 29

    When people across the world sheltered in place due to COVID-19, it gave researchers a unique opportunity to study the impacts of human actions on the environment without having to rely on theoretical algorithms and computer models.

  10. Jul 27

    "Conflicts between dealing with short-term emergencies such as the coronavirus pandemic and long-term imperatives including climate change will only grow more severe if we don’t become serious about greening the whole economy – quickly and strategically."

  11. Jul 25

    After some technical delays and despite a global pandemic, is nearing launch from Cape Canaveral:

  12. Jul 24

    . student Joshua Swee is a co-founder of the nonprofit , a nationwide effort to connect charitable donations to hospitals and medical workers battling COVID-19.

  13. Jul 24

    Stanford bioengineers combined avalanche physics with ecosystem data to create a computational method for predicting extreme events.

  14. Jul 23

    Mid-July. 📸: Andrew Brodhead

  15. Jul 23

    Redshirting can be beneficial, particularly for children who have trouble self-regulating, research by 's Thomas Dee has shown.

  16. Jul 23

    With innovative tools and access to some of the most whale-friendly waters in the world, Stanford researchers are demystifying the lives, biology and behavior of the biggest animals on Earth:

  17. Jul 23

    Stanford researchers are building a new assessment tool to support preparedness planning. Instead of relying on one or two projection models, it incorporates estimates from a number of respected organizations—"like using the wisdom of the crowd."

  18. Jul 22

    The Stanford Medicine community mourns the loss of Sanjiv Sam Gambhir (), professor and chair of and an internationally recognized pioneer in molecular imaging. He was director of , and .

  19. Jul 22

    "Never give up. Never give in. Never lose this sense of hope that we can all make our country a better place for all of our citizens." was interviewed in 2019 for a course on leadership & moral identity:

  20. Jul 22

    “There’s a hint that we might be able to reach peak carbon dioxide emissions very soon," 's Rob Jackson tells the . "But we don’t appear to be even close to peak methane."


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