Online Jamming and Concert Technology


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Today's vast amount of streaming and video conferencing on the Internet lacks one aspect of musical fun and that's what this course is about: high-quality, near-synchronous musical collaboration. Under the right conditions, the Internet can be used for ultra-low-latency, uncompressed sound transmission. The course teaches open-source (free) techniques for setting up city-to-city studio-to-studio audio links. Distributed rehearsing, production and split ensemble concerts are the goal. Setting up such links and debugging them requires knowledge of network protocols, network audio issues and some ear training.


Session 1: Overview
Overview of Online Jamming and Concert Technology

Session 2: Basics And Setup
Basics: Network protocols, audio signals + soundcards and network audio.

Session 3: Jacktrip Application + Connection
Things that go wrong with Jacktrip: Network & Audio. P2P Sessions and Multi-site setups.


Session 4: Debugging
Debug examples of typical problems.

Session 5: Polish And Practice
Polish techniques and spawn more practice sessions.

Session 6: Future
Future of the art and practice of network audio, alternative platforms for network audio.


Chris Chafe, Professor of Music and Director of CCRMA

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