The Cafe at the Arrillaga Alumni Center

Hours & Location

The Alumni Café is closed until further notice

Arrillaga Alumni Center – 326 Galvez St.

Ani Kish
General Manager

PH: 650-725-9512

We are committed to excellence and continually improving the offerings and service we provide. We always welcome your feedback!


Market Fresh and Flavorful

If you haven't tried Açaí, the superfood berry from the Amazon, now's the time. In our new Açaí bowls the organic berry is served blended, then sprinkled with fruit, granola and your favorite toppings. Delicious and loaded with antioxidants, it's a great way to start your day.  Other savory breakfast items include Smashed Avo on Toast. What better way to warm up during the lunch hour than with our Vietnamese pho, rice noodle soup with sliced beef. Our popular Grain Bowls are a one-dish lunchtime adventure layered with different flavors. We also offer lunch and dinner paninis, signature sandwiches, and grab & go selections.

Don't forget to join our "Coffee Club"—buy 10 specialty coffees, and your 11th is on the house!

The Alumni Café is an ideal setting for meetings, parties and events any time of year.