Post-Docs & Grad Student Spouse/Partners Meal Plans



In response to COVID-19 prevent measures, dining halls will only be accessible to post-docs and grad student spouses/partners with an active meal plan. Dining hall access will require a valid Stanford ID and spouses/partners of graduate students must obtain their own courtesy card from Campus Card Services prior to purchasing a meal plan. Use of a Stanford ID card by anyone other than the person the card is assigned to is prohibited.

Post-docs and Grad Student Spouse/Partners have the following meal plan options: 



BREAKFAST $5.75/MEAL + Tax    
LUNCH $9.15/MEAL + Tax    
DINNER $11.60/MEAL + Tax    

Use them at your leisure; meal plan blocks don't expire!*

Meal plan blocks can be purchased online. Please allow two business days from the date of purchase for your meals and dining hall access to be activated. 

*Meal card accounts that are inactive for 12 months or longer, from the last date of usage, will be forfeited and closed; meal blocks are non-transferable. Post-doc and Grad Student spouse/partner meal plans and dining hall access will be deactivated upon graduation (Grad Student Spouses/Partners) or termination of post-doc appointment and refunds for unused meals can be requested at

While active, these voluntary meal blocks are fully refundable. For questions or further assistance, please email

Post-docs and Grad Student Spouses/Partners are invited to dine at any open dining hall. Visit our dining hall locations and hours page for more information. Please note that all meals will be pre-packaged and for to-go only.