Undergraduate Admission


For students who may be affected by natural disasters or other extreme situations

We understand these circumstances may present challenges to meeting Stanford’s November 1 Restrictive Early Action deadline. Students seeking an extension to the deadline should contact our office at credentials@stanford.edu.
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Stanford will grant a fee waiver to any student for whom the application fee is a financial hardship. Our fee waiver instructions can be found here.

Counselors and teachers may also face challenges meeting the November 1 deadline. We have a grace period in place that extends to November 11.

For students unable to gather all supporting materials, such as letters of recommendation, we will review their files to the best of our ability.

Another option is for students to change their application plan to Regular Decision in order to have more time for all components of the application to arrive. Students must request this change on or before December 1.

We encourage students unable to meet the October 15 arts portfolio deadline to apply through Regular Decision and submit their application by December 1. Because of the arts review timeline, we are unable to extend arts portfolio deadlines.

Testing update for Fall 2021 applicants

For students applying for admission to Stanford’s Class of 2025, which will enter the university in Fall 2021, Stanford will review applications with or without standardized test scores, leaving the decision in the hands of the applicant. There will be no penalty for choosing not to submit scores. This update includes students who are submitting a transfer application for entry to Stanford in Fall 2021.
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We recognize the many challenges created by the coronavirus pandemic, and we understand the difficulty students may have in preparing for and accessing admission testing worldwide. It may be particularly challenging for students to find alternatives to testing sites that have been oversubscribed, or where availability of testing is pushed further into the school year.

We are committed to a holistic review of all candidates, taking into account the vast array of information provided in and with each student’s application.

We expect to reinstate the SAT or ACT testing requirement for the Class of 2026, entering in Fall 2022.