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  1. The increasingly gendered division of labor in human societies during the past 2.5 million years dramatically shaped how our species uses space, and possibly how we think about it, new research argues.

  2. Stanford researchers examined the 250 top-grossing American movies of recent decades and found the on-screen foods and beverages largely failed U.S. government nutrition recommendations and U.K. youth advertising standards.

  3. Jan 27

    In a paper exploring how diseases have shaped societies over time, Stanford undergraduates identify a trend: differential effects along racial and economic lines.

  4. Jan 27

    Covid-19 school closures have widened the achievement gap between low-income learners and their peers, a study of data from 18 California school districts shows.

  5. Jan 27

    “Research reminds us … there’s so much room for doing fine, even in a context of adversity.” ’s Jelena Obradović on parenting through the pandemic:

  6. Jan 26

    A small study suggests gut bacteria may play a role in food allergies.

  7. Jan 26

    Two scholars call for a radically reshaped computer science education that prioritizes racial literacy and history: "We need to move beyond the quick fixes that are not working.”

  8. Jan 26

    What’s behind the uptick in ADHD? New reveals a significant snowball effect of marginal diagnoses:

  9. Jan 26

    Scientists have found more than 4,000 planets outside our solar system.

  10. Jan 25

    . has unveiled the Asian American Art Initiative – a significant new effort to acquire, preserve, display and research art related to Asian American and Asian diaspora artists and their practices.

  11. Jan 25

    Stanford anthropologists have identified two attributes that make individuals more likely to experience the presence of gods and spirits.

  12. Jan 25

    Stanford researchers have developed a system that can show the neural process of decision making in real time, including the mental process of flipping between options before expressing a final choice.

  13. Jan 22

    Scientists have identified a key factor in mental aging and shown that it might be prevented or reversed by fixing a glitch in the immune system’s front-line soldiers.

  14. Jan 22

    Stanford engineers have developed a new predictive technique for forecasting coastal water quality, a critical step in protecting public health and the ocean economy.

  15. Jan 21

    . has launched large-scale surveillance of coronavirus variants in Bay Area.

  16. Jan 21

    Sunny campus, social distance. 📸: Andrew Brodhead

  17. Jan 21

    Maps can play with time in ways that go far beyond our daily representations of it – the clock, the watch, the calendar. 🗞:

  18. Jan 20

    The global benefits of limiting future temperature increases to 1.5 degrees are likely in the tens of trillions of dollars, with substantial likely benefits in the U.S. as well, research shows.

  19. Jan 20

    “In her view, it wasn’t enough to memorize rules or espouse airy principles," 's Nora Freeman Engstrom says of Deborah Rhode. “Legal ethics ... would have to refocus on what matters: access to justice, integrity, accountability, and equality.”

  20. Jan 18

    "The time is always right to do right." at Stanford in 1967:


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