Graduate & Post-Doc Meal Plans




As a convenience for students observing the university's 10-day travel quarantine requirement, R&DE has added a 10-meal option for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

You may purchase these and other options here.

Note: Grad students with an R&DE meal plan will be able to pick up to-go meals from Arrillaga Family Dining Commons and EVGR Marketplace, only, until February 8. This is to limit interactions among groups of students during the mandatory quarantine. After February 8, grad students will be able to visit any available dining hall. 

In response to COVID-19 prevent measures, dining halls will only be accessible to graduate students with an active meal plan. Dining hall access will require a valid Stanford ID. Spouses/partners of graduate students must obtain their own courtesy card from Campus Card Services and purchase a separate meal plan here. Use of a Stanford ID card by anyone other than the person the card is assigned to is prohibited. Graduate student meal plans and dining hall access will be deactivated upon graduation and refunds for unused meals can be requested at

Graduate students have several options for meal plans: 

Grad Student Meal Plan Block



LUNCH $9.15/MEAL $9.70/MEAL  
DINNER $11.60/MEAL $12.15/MEAL  

Use them at your leisure; meal plan blocks don't expire!*

Meal plan blocks can be purchased online. Please allow two business days from the date of purchase for your meals and dining hall access to be activated. 
*Meal card accounts that are inactive for 12 months or longer, from the last date of usage, will be forfeited and closed; meal blocks are non-transferable.

While active, these voluntary grad meal blocks are fully refundable. For questions or further assistance, please email

Apartment Meal Plan

2020-21 Academic Year
Voluntary Meal Plan



Apartment Meal Plan:

  • Voluntary meal plan offering flexibility and convenience
    for students living in apartments
  • 5 meals per week plus Meal Plan Dollars

Meal Plan Cost

Meal Plan Dollars



Traditional Meal Plans

2020-21 Academic Year
Standard Meal Plans


71 Days

Cardinal Classic:

  • 19 meals per week served only in the dining halls

Meal Plan Cost


Cardinal Select:

  • 14 meals per week plus Meal Plan Dollars
  • All 14 meals are served in the dining halls
  • Meal Plan Dollars can be used in the dining halls,
    most R&DE cafés, Munger Market and late night venues

Meal Plan Cost

Meal Plan Dollars



Cardinal Light:

  • 10 meals per week plus 750 Meal Plan Dollars
  • All 10 meals are served in the dining halls and the Meal Plan Dollars
    can be used in the dining halls, most R&DE cafés, and late night venues

Meal Plan Cost

Meal Plan Dollars



Students begin each week of their meal plan on Sundays. Unused meals expire at the end of each week. This meal plan is billed on a quarterly basis and the cost is determined by the number of days in the service period. Please email to request one of these meal plans. Meal plan prices, dates and details are subject to change without notice.

Graduate Students are invited to dine at any open dining hall. Visit our dining hall locations and hours page for more information. Both options are available for use seven days per week. Please note that all meals will be pre-packaged and for to-go only. 

For questions or more information, please email