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Research Projects

This project will provide introductory training for students, scholars, and those interested in cultural heritage, in how to interpret manuscripts from about 500 CE to the modern period.
Stanford Text Technologies offers short term fellowships for research projects that investigate the long history of human communication from the earliest times to the present.
The written fragments of people's lives--their autograph books, photo albums, letters, postcards, diaries, and other ephemera--are brought back to life in Recollections. Student researchers are cataloguing, digitizing, describing, curating and presenting the archives of those who've come before us to reveal stories--in every single case--that inspire, move, and inform.
The Digging into Data Challenge aims to address how “big data” is changing the research landscape for the humanities and social sciences. Now that there are massive databases of materials available for research in the humanities and the social sciences, what new, computationally-based research methods can be applied to search, analyze, and understand these materials?
ManuTexts will bring together colleagues from institutions around the world for pioneering project work, linking the Humanities with technology, science and art, and applying for large external research grants to fund path-breaking scholarship into the manuscript and its interpretation over three millennia. The Forum will coordinate and run experimental projects to triangulate arts and digital media practice, theory and conceptualization of the real and the digital, and outreach beyond the institution into the public sphere of museums, archives and publishing.