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The process, which also facilitates name changes for religious, marital and other reasons, allows researchers of all genders to own their academic work by updating their names on previous publications.
Name Change
Fulfilling a prediction of Einstein’s theory of General Relativity, researchers report the first-ever recordings of X-ray emissions from the far side of a black hole.
Black Hole
The research could lead to a better understanding of extreme astrophysical environments and the development of compact high-energy radiation sources for science.
high-energy electrons strengthen magnetic fields
An international team led by SLAC/Stanford Professor Ed Solomon used a tantalizing principle borrowed from nature to turn harmful methane into useful methanol.
Hannah Rhoda with the resonance Raman spectroscopy equipment at Stanford
They discover a short-lived state that could lead to faster and more energy-efficient computing devi...
ultrafast switching
She toured the lab’s powerful X-ray laser, looked at the construction of the world’s largest digital...
Secretary Granholm virtual visit
Nickelate materials give scientists an exciting new window into how unconventional superconductors c...
Illustration showing nickelate and cuprate superconductors as cartoon characters that are either close friends holding hands or neighbors talking over a fence.
Petroglyphs are carved in a material called rock varnish, the origins of which have been debated for...
Rock art featuring human and animal forms and handprints
Bernhard Mistlberger has developed new methods to make Standard Model predictions more precise than...
A white man with dark hair.