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Stanford community members are dedicated to exploring and analyzing the most pressing issues facing our society. As an undergraduate, you will become a part of it. Resources and opportunities abound at Stanford, giving you the chance to turn the questions that kept you up last night into the way the world will live and think tomorrow.

Stanford allocates more than $5.6 million to support undergraduate research each year. Students can pursue research across all disciplines and there are opportunities for everyone: the scientist, the artist, the writer and anyone willing to explore. Whether you join an existing project or create a new one, Stanford's commitment to undergraduate research has two goals:

  1. To create knowledge that transforms the real world.
  2. To foster satisfying, intellectually exciting partnerships between faculty and students.

There are a number of different types of research on campus and ways for you to get involved as early as your freshman year:

Independent Research

Independent Research
Independent research is one of the most valuable experiences you can pursue as a Stanford undergraduate. Whether your Stanford education leads you to graduate school, a business environment or the nonprofit world, the process of articulating a research goal, designing a plan of action and sharing your results with a larger audience will develop skills that will continue to serve you throughout your professional life.

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Departmental Research

Over 30 departments and programs sponsor undergraduate research programs that provide financial support for students to work with Stanford professors on faculty-designed research projects.

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Faculty Research

The Undergraduate Advising and Research office administers a grant program to support faculty in their research with undergraduates. Both individual faculty members and departments may submit proposals for grant funding to support undergraduate participation in faculty-led research. Grant programs aim to facilitate faculty-student research partnerships at all stages of a student's development and to achieve maximum mutual benefit to students and faculty.

Honors Programs

Honors is a designation offered by academic departments to recognize outstanding independent student work. Each academic department and interdisciplinary program develops its own honors program requirements and criteria. Honors programs allow students to engage in advanced, independent research, analysis and articulation with faculty guidance, usually in the senior year.

Stanford offers a variety of honors programs. Some are designed for majors and others allow students to work outside their major field.
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