SUNCAT Mission

The SUNCAT Center for Interface Science and Catalysis is a partnership between Stanford School of Engineering and SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. The mission of SUNCAT is to overcome challenges associated with the atomic-scale design of catalysts for chemical transformations of interest for sustainable energy conversion and storage. By combining experimental and computational methods we are developing a quantitative description of chemical processes at the solid-gas and solid-liquid interface. By identifying the factors controlling the catalytic properties of solid surfaces, we devise strategies to design new catalysts. Our approach integrates electronic structure theory, kinetic modeling and data science with operando and in-situ characterization techniques, synthesis of alloys, compounds, and functional nanostructures, and experimental testing under realistic process conditions.

Recent Publications

Combining artificial intelligence and physics-based modeling to directly assess atomic site stabilities: from sub-nanometer clusters to extended surfaces. Philomena Schlexer Lamoureux , Verena Streibel, Tej Choksi, Frank Abild-Pedersen. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 23, 22022-22034. 2021.
Chemical Modifications of Ag Catalyst Surfaces with Imidazolium Ionomers Modulate H2 Evolution Rates during Electrochemical CO2 Reduction. David M. Koshy, Sneha A. Akhade, Adam Shugar, Kabir Abiose, Jingwei Shi, Siwei Liang, James S. Oakdale, Stephen E. Weitzner, Joel B. Varley, Eric B. Duoss, Sarah E. Baker, Christopher Hahn, Zhenan Bao, Thomas F. Jaramillo. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 143, 14712-14725. 2021.
Origin of Enhanced Water Oxidation Activity in an Iridium Single Atom Anchored on NiFe Oxyhydroxide Catalyst. Xueli Zheng, Jing Tang, Alessandro Gallo, Jose A. Garrido Torres, Xiaoyun Yu, Constantine J. Athanitis, Emily May Been, Peter Ercius, Haiyan Mao, Sirine C. Fakra, Chengyu Song, Ryan C. Davis, Jeffrey A. Reimer, John Vinson, Michal Bajdich, Yi Cui. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 2021.

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