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  1. History Corner, midterm. 📸: Andrew Brodhead

  2. Oct 28

    Brooke Forde, a fifth-year senior and a Olympic medalist, is on the last lap of her swimming career and appreciating every minute of it.

  3. Oct 20

    Registration now open for the Women in Data Science () Worldwide conference on March 7, 2022, happening in-person . A technical conference featuring outstanding women discussing their work in data science and related fields. Register:

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  4. Oct 25

    More than 200 students from 15 Title 1 high schools are taking Computer Science 105 for credit this quarter— part of a broad effort at Stanford to widen access to higher education through digital teaching and learning strategies.

  5. Oct 22

    Quad goals. Stanford alumni return to campus on screen and in real life this weekend, all for Reunion Homecoming. Catch the Season 5 premiere of on Sunday at 10/9c, starring , '07, and written by , '06. 📸: Raymond Liu /

  6. Oct 20

    Exploring planetary stewardship at the Stanford Educational Farm. 📸: Andrew Brodhead

  7. Oct 19

    "We need to make sure that everyone has representation and an equal voice, an equal vote. That seems more important than ever." Take a look at Draw Congress — redistricting by students according to non-partisan principles:

  8. Oct 19

    Stanford faculty members are collaborating with community health workers to promote COVID-19 vaccine awareness and public health guidelines in the local Latinx community.

  9. Oct 18

    A nonprofit co-founded by a Stanford student and an alum during the pandemic provides free, online tutoring to elementary school students in the Los Angeles Unified School District.

  10. Oct 18

    In : Why do women with traumatic brain injury experience higher rates of depression, substance abuse, memory problems and homelessness than their male counterparts?

  11. Oct 17

    Sylvia Imbens, 10, sums up her dad’s winning work: "It's very interesting how you can take data from things that were completely not intended for you - for anything - and then use it to draw these astounding conclusions."

  12. Oct 15

    New in : Technological advances in brain science are powering innovations that were just a few years ago the stuff of science fiction.

  13. Oct 14

    Stanford economist Guido Imbens discusses his work, which made it possible to find cause and effect in real-world randomness, with kids Sylvia (10), Andrew (15) and Carleton (17). Can you win a in parenting?

  14. Oct 13

    “Solder it up at home. Run our code. It's pretty cool." Incorporating sensing and way-finding approaches from robotics and self-driving vehicles, Stanford researchers designed an open-source smart cane that could reshape life for people with blindness or sight impairment.

  15. Oct 11

    "He really likes to make sure he understands things. He'll keep pushing until ... the math just sings to the ideas and the ideas sing to the math." - on her husband and co-author Guido Imbens, recipient of the 2021 in economics

  16. Oct 11

    As the U.S. celebrates today, Stanford has launched a new website that includes the university's first official land acknowledgment developed in collaboration with the Muwekma Ohlone Tribe, whose ancestral land Stanford sits upon.

  17. Oct 11

    How to find cause and effect in real-world randomness? A Tiny Lecture, edition!

  18. Oct 11

    Husband and wife economists Guido Imbens and in the early morning hours. "We discuss our work with the kids and with each other. We're interested in similar questions, so this leads to heated debates at the dinner table."

  19. Oct 11

    "Part of what makes my job so fun is working with young people, and the students here are terrific. ... The ability to interact with them regularly and see them grow as scholars is incredibly rewarding." - winner Guido Imbens

  20. Oct 11

    "I missed the first call that came in. The second call did wake me up. I saw on my cell phone it was coming from Sweden. ... I realized that this might be a big deal." -Guido Imbens on learning he'd won the 2021 in Economic Sciences


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