Video Archive for 2015

An index of Stanford News videos for 2015.

Stanford researcher images his own brain for a year

'Invisible wires' could boost solar-cell efficiency

Stanford's CS+Social Good uses technology to create positive social impact

Stanford's Cantor Arts Center digitizes collection for online database

Stanford scientists measure crop growth from space

Stanford engineers test tricorder-like detector

Undulation sucks eel-like swimmers through water

Pulsing motion sucks water toward jellyfish and pushes it forward

Calculating the global economic cost of climate change

Stanford students build solar car to race across Australian outback

Introducing MARTY, Stanford's self-driving, electric, drifting DeLorean

Stanford graduate travels 2,300 miles to create an Alaskan field school

At Stanford, Susan Rice talks about climate change and national security

Stanford study shows effects of toilet facilities on child health in rural Africa

Stanford students package 63,000 meals for the hungry

2015 Bright Award winner Polly Courtice

For the Stanford Band, a new Tree is born

Stormwater as a drought solution

Stormwater reuse animation

Highlights of 2015 move-in day at Stanford

Stanford scientists discuss El NiƱo conditions and California's drought outlook

Stanford scientists produce cancer drug in a plant

Stanford Earth scientist Rob Jackson talks about pipeline replacement study

Polly Courtice

Stanford soil sleuths solve California arsenic-water mystery

Stanford bioengineers test head impact sensors worn by athletes

Whooper swan head stabilization

Stanford conservators work to preserve Rodin Sculpture Garden

Stanford-designed virtual reality headset reduces eye fatigue, nausea

Stanford tests brain-controlled prosthetic device

Using technology for learning

St. Lawrence String Quartet performs in Anderson Collection gallery

Stanford students demonstrating their robots

Stanford students help formerly incarcerated people become entrepreneurs

Rock physics of fibrous rocks akin to Roman concrete explains uplifts at Campi Flegrei caldera

'Natural concrete' beneath Italian volcano explains mysterious uplift

Lovebirds inform drone design

Stanford researchers find mental health prescription: nature

Engineering students at Stanford teach autonomous cars to avoid obstacles

Stanford researcher warns sixth mass extinction is here

Highlights of the 2015 Commencement ceremony at Stanford

Commencement begins with Wacky Walk

Stanford 2015 Baccalaureate highlights

Stanford engineers build a water-droplet based computer that runs like clockwork

Grasping without squeezing

Gecko tape in action

Robot handling live fruit flies used in science experiments

Stanford earthquake expert bears witness to Nepal quake

Stanford music scholar examines jazz culture of 1920s Harlem

Stanford students write and produce graphic novel

Blue whale narrowly avoids cargo ship

Stanford committee recommends approach for the future of Searsville Dam

Stanford committee recommends approach for Searsville Dam

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at Stanford

Stanford Makes Biotechnology Interactive with Games

Oprah Winfrey delivers 2015

Stanford scholar reveals how fears of damnation affected American history

Student group explores racial integration in the musical 'Hairspray'

Stanford researchers create new technique to see interaction of light and matter

Aluminum battery offers safe alternative to conventional batteries

Stanford students go farming for Alternative Spring Break

Stanford researcher demonstrates ant experiment conducted in space

New Stanford manufacturing process could yield better solar cells, faster chips

Slow-motion video of hummingbird and insect flight helps solve hovering physics problem

Stanford students build basketball-shooting robots

How evolution influences behavior

Stanford researchers unravel secrets of shape-shifting bacteria

Stanford researcher explains the science behind Ant-Man

Mystery of the dancing droplets

Stanford students record Haydn's Lord Nelson Mass in Bing Concert Hall

Staff Career & Job Classification Overview

Clearing the air

Students talk about Obama's speech on cybersecurity at Stanford

President Barack Obama at Stanford

The Planets align

Understanding conflict is the road to peace, prosperity, Stanford scholar says

Stanford engineers develop a device for measuring how birds take flight

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver at Stanford