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photo of Jim Kim, president of World Bank, speaking during the inaugural conference of the Stanford Global Development and Poverty Initiative. There is also a quote that says: We expect the extreme poverty rate to drop below 10 percent for the first time in human history. Clicking on image loads the video.


The Stanford Institute for Innovation in Developing Economies (Stanford Seed) is a Stanford Graduate School of Business-led initiative intent on ending the cycle of poverty in developing economies. Seed's integrated approach addresses multiple fronts across multiple time horizons.


Immediate Impact: Seed Transformation Program

The Seed Transformation Program (STP) drives immediate impact through leadership training, general management sessions, networking, and coaching for founders/senior leaders of existing enterprises in Africa.

Growing enterprises benefit regions in which they operate not only through job creation for themselves and their vendors, but also by offering innovative products and services that benefit the poor directly.

Video: African CEOs talk about how SEED's Transformation Program has impacted them and their companies.


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Medium-Term Impact: Seed Student Programs

Seed Student Programs introduce students to the challenges and opportunities of doing business in developing economies, and are designed to inspire current Stanford students in becoming globally engaged citizens and leaders.

Today's students become tomorrow's leaders who will set the agenda and prioritize social and economic issues according to their experiences and world view.

Video: Overview of Seed Student Programs, including students talking about their internship experiences in Africa.


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Long-Term Impact: Seed Research Programs

Seed Research Programs advance fundamental knowledge about entrepreneurship and firm growth in developing economies.

Greater understanding of the factors that drive or hinder entrepreneurship and innovation in challenging environments will allow for better and more effective interventions in the future.

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