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Alison Elliott Exceptional Achievement Award

The Alison Elliott Exceptional Achievement Award honors those Stanford GSB alumni volunteers who have gone above and beyond the high expectations of the Alumni Consulting Team (ACT) consultants.

Recipients have helped ACT or a community cause move to a new plane of excellence through their dedication, pragmatism, and team leadership. The award is named after Alison Elliott, co-founder of ACT and first Exceptional Award recipient.

Previous Alison Elliott Exceptional Achievement Award Recipients
2014 Jim Dern, MBA ’78
2012 Karl Matzke, SEP ’93
2010 Jim Graber, MBA ’71, Tony Ramsden, MBA ’70
2007 Ed Best, MBA ’60
2006 Nancy Glaser, MBA ’85, Dave Hoyt, MBA ’79
2003 Ken Kam, MBA ’86, Arthur Roth, MBA ’49
2001 Lynne Reynolds
1999 A. Michael Spence
1997 Bryan Brown, MBA ’69, Ron Schilling, SEP ’91
1996 Bruno Kaiser, MBA ’61
1995 JoAnne Goldberg, MBA ’77
1994 Jerome Liebling, MBA ’67, Seth Fearey, MBA ’76
1993 Meimei Pan, MBA ’79
1992 Debbie Cohen, MBA ’87, Alison Elliott, MBA ’84