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Site Login Help

Explore below for assistance with any problems you may be having with logging into the password-protected areas of the alumni site.

I can’t log in — what do I do?

If you have forgotten your username and/or your password, please scroll down to “How do I request my username or password?”

If you are not able to access the Stanford GSB Alumni Network, check your security settings, and be sure that your browser is enabled to accept cookies. Third party cookie-blocking software could also be blocking the login cookie necessary for your successful login.

If the error message you receive states: “You are logged in, but do not have access to the page or service you selected,” please note that only Stanford GSB alumni have access certain features on the site, including the alumni directory, alumni email, email lists, and other password protected sites. If you believe you qualify for access under the above definition, please contact Customer Service.

If the error message states: “Webmail Logout Page,” please follow the relevant instructions on the page on which you see this error message. Please make sure your system clock is set to the correct local time of the time zone you are in, that you do not have your account open in multiple browser windows, and that your browser is set to accept cookies. If after completing these instructions you are still unable to access your account, please contact Customer Service.

How do I request my username or password?

Your username is the beginning part of your e-mail address. For example, if your e-mail address is jsmith @, your username would be jsmith.

If you know your username, but have forgotten your password, you can use the automated password recovery system to request that a new temporary password be sent to you via e-mail.

If you need both your username (e-mail address) and password for your account, please use our online Identification Information Request Form. You will be asked to answer several questions to verify your identity, and once your submission is received, a Customer Service Representative will send your username and a temporary password to the valid, e-mail address you specify on the form.

If you do not have a valid, e-mail address, or for some other reason are not able to use the above form, please contact Customer Service. toll-free at 1 (866) 543-0243 in the United States or (650) 724-0627 international, between the hours of 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Pacific time Monday through Friday.

My temporary password expired.

Temporary passwords issued by our Customer Service staff or by our automated password recovery system expire at 11:59pm Pacific time, on the day after they are issued. If your temporary password has expired, please resubmit your request in the same manner in which it was originally requested. If you used the automated password recovery system, you can simply request that a new temporary password be sent to you via e-mail.

If you used the Identification Information Request Form, please resubmit your request, and our staff will send you a new temporary password.

A temporary password was sent to my e-mail account, but I did not request one.

The automatic password retrieval system requires a last name and username to be able to send a temporary password to the e-mail address listed in our database.It may be possible for another user with a similar name to mistakenly request a temporary password for your account. The temporary password, however, is e-mailed to the e-mail address on file for the username, so your alumni account will not be compromised in this case.

In the event that you are sent a temporary password when you did not request one, you will need to visit the alumni website and reset the temporary password to a permanent password. Please note that your temporary password is valid until 11:59pm Pacific time the following day it was issued. Once you login with the temporary password the system will prompt you to enter a permanent password.

If the temporary password has expired, please used the automated password recovery system to request that a new temporary password be sent to you via e-mail.

How do I change my password?

You must know your existing password to follow the below steps. If you have forgotten your password, please scroll back up to How do I request my username or password?

To change your password, log in to your Stanford GSB Alumni account and select “My Profile” on the left hand side menu.Select the “Login/Password” tab from the horizontal menu, and then click the red Edit button next to your password.

Enter your new password. Remember that it must be between 5 and 14 characters, where at least one character is a number.

Confirm your new password by entering it again in the “Re-enter Password” text box, and save your changes.


  • To enhance the security of your account, the system will not allow you to create a password with the word “Stanford” in it.
How can I change my username?

To request to change your username please fill out a support request form.

Please note that once your username is changed, your e-mail address will change. Any email sent to your old address will be returned to the sender as undeliverable. Also, any saved messages, filters or preferences in your web mailbox may be deleted.