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Stanford GSB Women’s Professional Reboot

If you’re contemplating a career change, ready to re-enter the workforce after a break, or seeking more professional fulfillment, it may be time for a professional “reboot.”

Through a special series for Stanford GSB alumnae, career coach Sherri Lassila will guide you through a step-by-step process to discover the work you’re uniquely designed by life to do, and create opportunities to put your awareness into action — whether that’s a full-time job, your own business, a part-time project, or anything in between.

Sherri Lassila
Career Coach
Through her own professional reboot journey and her pioneering work with hundreds of women, Stanford GSB alumna and career coach Sherri Lassila has developed a process specifically for the needs of women who want to reboot their careers into more meaningful work, and do it authentically.

Event Outcomes

You’ll get tools and exercises you can use again and again — to get and stay on course to achieve your greatest success as you define it, and to continue evolving your work as you grow and change over time. The program uses visualization exercises and meditation, writing, self-reflection, and small group interactions to help you:

  • Clarify your “True Work,” the work you’re uniquely designed by life to do
  • Re-align with your values and personal definition of success
  • Build your new professional identity with an authentic confidence that reflects your true value
  • Release the blocks and limiting beliefs, and tame the voice that undermines your dreams
  • Unleash more of your inner wisdom, creative potential, and intuition to guide your journey
  • Design your next professional milestone — a project or role to put your vision into action
  • Plan your next steps and support systems to incubate and grow your new dreams

Who Should Attend

Stanford GSB alumnae who are:

  • Currently working and examining next steps, at any career stage
  • Ready to re-enter after a career break, or just starting to think about what’s next
  • Considering starting their own businesses for more meaningful or flexible work
  • Looking for meaningful professional fulfillment or skill retention, while primarily focused on family
  • On maternity leave or planning for a future career break

What’s Not Covered in This Series

  • Networking skills
  • Job search tactics such as editing your resume or crafting your LinkedIn profile
  • Interview practice
  • Job offer negotiation


Stanford GSB Career Management Center and Stanford GSB Alumni Association