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Quality Kitchens Meat Loaf Mix (A)

Quality Kitchens Meat Loaf Mix (A)

Charles Bonini
1989|Case No.OIT78A

Amalgamated Food Products (AFP) marketed a meat loaf mix under the brand name “Quality Kitchens.” Sally Franklin, who had recently joined AFP as brand manager, was responsible for Quality Kitchens. Her first task was to prepare a sales forecast and a budget for promotion and advertising for the next year. This case provides students with an opportunity to answer a number of questions by interpreting historical data and results of a regression analysis.

Note: The company, characters, and the quotations in this case, unless otherwise stated, are fictional and were created by the author. No reference is intended to any person.

This material is available for download by current Stanford GSB students, faculty and staff as well as Stanford University Alumni. For inquires, contact the Case Writing Office.

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