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Internships and Experiential Learning

Our students are eager to apply strategic management concepts to solve critical business issues through special projects, internships, and experiential programs.

Entrepreneurial Summer Program (ESP)

Benefit from affordable MBA expertise to address a pressing issue affecting your company’s growth when you offer students an internship opportunity that provides deep insight into the day-to-day activities of your early-stage company while under the guidance of an executive mentor.

Global Management Immersion Experience (GMIX)

GMIX offers organizations located outside the United States access to talented MBA students to work on well-defined projects over the summer while also raising your company profile within the Stanford GSB community.

Impact Labs

Through an Impact Labs project, you and your organization can help emerging leaders gain insight into the various approaches that create positive social and environmental change. Nurture student commitment to careers of impact and community leadership through mentorship and exposure to your organization’s social or environmental mission.

Social-Purpose Summer Interns

Bring MBA talent to your nonprofit, government agency, or social purpose business. Through the Stanford Management Internship Fund, your organization can fill a summer-employment opportunity without the challenge of paying an MBA-level salary.

CEO, Horizon Foundation, Australia

“I rarely provide endorsements, but with the GMIX program, I must. The quality of the MBA student was exceptional, as was the project work he performed for us. Since ours is a not-for-profit organization, every dollar has to be spent wisely. Our investment in this instance has been returned many times over.”