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The Library Concierge Program is sponsoring tours of the branch libraries during the first and second weeks of December.  We have created signups for the tours on the LCP Coursework project site so the tour leaders will know how many to expect for each tour. Some of the branches have limited signups for each tour.  Please signup as soon as possible to secure your favorite spot.

Tour Options:
Week of December 3
Music Library and Archive of Recorded Sound: Monday, Wednesday, Friday  10-11 (limit 30 each day).
Art Library & Visual Resources Center: Monday, Wednesday, 1-2 (limit 20 each day).

Week of December 10
Mathematics & Statistic Library and Engineering Library: Monday, Tuesday, Friday 9-10 (limit 15 each day). Tour starts at the Mathematics & Statistics Library
Biology Library & Chemistry Library: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 11-12 (limit 15 each day). Tour starts at the Biology Library
Education Library and East Asia Library: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 1-2 (limit 30 each day).  Tour starts at the Education Library
Earth Sciences Library & Map Collection and Stanford Geospatial Center: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 2-3 (limit 20 each day).

Helen Josephine
Concierge Program Advisory Group

by Helen B Josephine

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December 9, 2015