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A different Library Open House



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We would like to try a different approach to the Library Open House this year. While our enthusiasm and efforts were tremendous these last few years, we have not engaged as much of our community as we would like. Some current thoughts are:

  • focus on a specific audience, probably undergrads
  • hold an event in the evening, to attract students at a time convenient to them
  • make the event fun, and on a smaller scale
  • make the event more interactive, less presentational
  • hold a series of events

Let's come together at a brainstorming meeting on Monday, May 6, 10-11:30, in the SSRC.  I ask each of you to do some homework: contact other institutions, scour the literature and find some write-ups of outreach efforts you find interesting. Come to the meeting with 2-3 ideas of what you think would work at Stanford.

At the meeting we will share ideas and make a concrete plan of action. If you are interested, please join us.

By Malgorzata Schaefer

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