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Style and substance on two brand-new library websites



The horse in motion

Two Stanford University Library branches have recently launched stunning new websites: Special Collections & University Archives and the Art & Architecture Library.  

Both of these sites take full advantage of the many features available on the new SUL website.  Most visible on each site is a content-rich slide show that highlights the unique collections and activities of these two libraries. The Art & Architecture site currently features an online exhibit of works in its current physical exhibition, "Models from the Architectural Design Program" - which you should rush over to see; it closes on June 1.  The online exhibit features beautiful original photography by our Assistant Art Librarian Anna Fishaut.

The Special Collections & University Archives site features a revolving set of highlights from nearly twenty of its prominent collections from across the spectrum of subjects: rare books, musical manuscripts, items from our rich history of Silicon Valley collections, and some of the unique and important pieces in the Stanford University Archives, such as Edweard Muybridge photographs (one of which is highlighted above) and historical images from the Stanford Powwow.

In addition to their visual appeal, both sites are of course chock-full of useful information about the collections and services that their libraries offer, as well as academic research and course guides and thoughtful blog entries by their staff members.

As pleasant as it is to lose oneself in the stylish substance of both of these branch library websites, they are both only windows into the wealth of the libraries themselves.  Visit them online; then visit them in person!

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December 9, 2015

December 9, 2015