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June 20 Chalk Talk: In which all manner of SearchWorks secrets and coolness are revealed and discussed



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Who: All SUL and Coordinate Library staff
When: Thursday, June 20, 2:30 - 4 pm 
Where: Green Library, IC Classroom 

Do you know how SearchWorks works?
How it searches, never shirks?
Do you know what makes it run,
Profer knowledge, research, fun?
Have you seen its latest joys,
All the features it employs?

Would you like to take a stand,
Share your thoughts, or lend a hand
To help our SearchWorks' work improve?
If so, hear this: the time to move
Is half past two, on June the Twenty:
IC Classroom: Talk a-plenty.

Chalk Talks aim to bridge the gaps
Among SUL's people, content, apps.
Although they say that "talk is cheap,"
Chalk-Talk talk we'd like to keep!
Because one thing is just too costly:

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