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SDR Deposit of the Week: Undergraduate Contributions to the Scholarly Record



Undergraduates are a hard-working group, and nowhere is this truer than here at Stanford. Our undergraduates make frequent contributions to scientific research all over campus, and important contributions are important to preserve. Which is why today's Deposit of the Week comes to us from student Tessaly Jen.

As an undergrad at Stanford, Tessaly participated in the Spring 2010 BIO 175H class, during which students undertake independent research projects. Sometimes, the results of these projects even end up published in refereed journals.

For her project, Tessaly investigated the distribution of sea anemones of the genus Anthopleura in the intertidal at Hopkins Marine Station within the Lovers Point State Marine Reserve. Her work, under the direction of Professor Jim Watanabe, showed that two species of Anthopleura, xanthogrammica and sola, have different distributions. These distributions may be influenced by competition between the two species, the presence of prey, and the local water temperatures.

Her study will serve as a baseline for future monitoring of these populations and the effects of intertidal warming caused by climate change. By preserving her research results in the Stanford Digital Repository, we can make sure that her data are available for future generations of researchers who will come after her to monitor these changes.

See Tessaly Jen's data on the PURL page!

by Amy E. Hodge

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