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Stanford University Press - March Madness: a month-long spree of discounted books



SUP March Madness Sale

Announcing the March Madness Sale: A Month-Long Spree of Discounted Books across a variety of disciplines—Business, Middle East Studies, Literary Criticism and more!

Spring is in the air (at least in California, it is) and it's time for a little seasonal sprucing. In an effort to dust off warehouse shelves, SUP is throwing an overstock sale beginning March 3rd and lasting through the end of the month! Over 600 titles will be available at deep discounts—$10 hardcovers, and $5 paperbacks.

On March 3rd this handy link will be populated with a long list of discounted books. Here you can peruse sale titles and filter books by discipline for targeted browsing. SUP March Madness book sale logoDiscounted prices will be noted on the right of the book page and these discounts will be automatically applied at checkout—no coupon code necessary.

5 Timely Titles from the March Madness Sale

Iranophobia: The Logic of an Israeli Obsession
by Haggai Ram
was $55.00 cloth, now $10.00

As tensions between Israel and Iran crackle with talks of Iran’s nuclear program, journalists continue to predict a seemingly inevitable confrontation between the two regional rivals; an event which, according to most spectators’ predictions, is invariably instigated by Israel to parry the specter of a nuclear-capable Iran. In Iranophobia, Israeli scholar, Haggai Ram, explores anti-Iranian sentiment amongst Israelis—and how that national phobia plays out domestically and internationally. 

Read an excerpt from the Introduction.

The Difference “Difference” Makes: Women and Leadership
Edited by Deborah L. Rode
was $55.00 cloth, now $10.00

In 2013 Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg urged women to “lean in” at the boardroom; today Hillary Clinton is regarded as a shoe-in for the Democrats’ 2016 Presidential ticket. Yet, despite seeming strides toward professional equality, women still constitute a minority in formal leadership, whether in business, law, or politics. In this collection of papers from “heavy-hitters”—women at the top of their careers, describe how they achieved success, what obstacles they overcame along the way, and the difference that “difference” made for them.

The Paradox of a Global USA
Edited by Bruce Mazlish, Nayan Chanda, and Kenneth Weisbrode
was $50.00 cloth, now $10.00

Drawing from history, political science, economics and cultural studies, The Paradox of A Global USA addresses the awkward tension that arises from the United States’ enthusiastic pursuit of economic globalization, and its simultaneous recalcitrance in deferring to global institutions of authority (for example, opposing the Kyoto Protocol, and invading Iraq without the approval of the UN). 

See the Table of Contents, read the Foreword and the Introduction here.

Other sale titles that contend with globalization include Islam in a Globalizing World ($29.95, now $5.00) & Global California ($60.00, now $10.00)

Outlandish: Writing Between Exile and Diaspora
by Nico Israel
was $52.50, now $10.00

With novels the likes of Americanah, The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, and The Namesake topping fiction bestseller lists, it is clear that the transnational writer is fast becoming a new cornerstone of the American literary canon. In Outlandish, Nico Israel delves into the works of three transnational writers who have captured imaginations across the globe—Joseph Conrad, Theodor Adorno, and Salman Rushdie. Through these writers he explores themes of increasing importance in a globalizing and transitory world: race, national belonging, exile, and migration.

The Challenge of Political Islam: Non-Muslims and the Egyptian State
by Rachel M. Scott
was $65.00, now $10.00

In the wake of the Egyptian uprising and the precipitous rise and fall of the Muslim Brotherhood, Rachel M. Scott’s book offers a fascinating exposition to the rise and nature of Islamism in Egypt. She delves into the minds of Egyptian Islamists—including members of the Muslim Brotherhood—to understand the changing perceptions of Islamists regarding the viability of non-Muslim citizens in an Islamic state. Perhaps most poignantly, The Challenge of Political Islam dismantles the assumption that secularism is a precondition for tolerance.

See the Table of Contents and read the Introduction.

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