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We've set up trial access for a new database called VoxGov ( Please take a moment to put the database through its paces and send any feedback you have to me at jrjacobs AT stanford DOT edu by April 8, 2014.

VoxGov has a powerful search and pulls together a large swath of US federal public domain government information with social media data and displays it in a visually understandable way.

VoxGov also allows for bulk data access to faculty and graduate students who may need to do deeper data analysis. Bulk data access is via separate individual license and has some restrictions on use and reproduction.

Voxgov collects, organizes and archives primary sourced U.S. Federal Government information from government sites like,,, and some executive agencies as well as major NGO sites like openCRS and FAS Project on Government Secrecy and combines that public domain information with 4,000 official federal government social media accounts from twitter and facebook, as well as speeches, press releases and content from over 10,000 Federal government web locations.

Please note that trial access is on an IP basis and therefore does not require a login. However, certain functions within Voxgov are only accessible after a user account has been established. If you attempt to use these functions, which IS suggested, follow the steps to create an account when prompted. Users can expect to be prompted to create an account when attempting to build a report, access ‘myvoxgov’, save a search, set up email alerts and so forth.

Content includes:

Official Releases: Press Releases, News, Notices, Columns, Articles, Op-Eds, Blogs, Decisions, Opinions, Orders, Events, Media Advisories, Fact Sheets, Newsletters, Bulletins, Recalls, Alerts, Reports, Publications, Speeches, Statements, Remarks, Testimony, Transcripts.

Congressional Documents: Extension of Remarks (Congressional Record), CRS Reports, Committee Reports, Conference Reports, Joint Reports

Legislation: Laws, Amendments, Bills, Resolutions

Social Media: Twitter, YouTube, Facebook

Federal Register: Proposed Rules, Simple Rules, Notices, Presidential Executive Orders, Determinations, Memos, Proclamations and Notices, Public Inspections

by James R. Jacobs

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